L&T’s TBM Lavi Relaunched from Bangalore Metro’s MG Road Station

Larsen & Toubro’s Tunnel Boring Machine Lavi (DZ672) on Friday was recommissioned from MG Road Station to Vellara (RMS) Station for its final journey to build Bangalore Metro’s 21.386 km Pink Line (Reach 6)

This CRCHI slurry machine had recorded its 1st breakthrough on April 15 after constructing a 1076m tunnel between Shivajinagar and MG Road for Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project’s 2.755 km underground Package RT-02.

All images via Suresh Babu

L&T took just 28 days to drag Lavi 200 meters from the northern-end of MG Road Station’s box to the southern-end using hydraulic jacks, refurbish critical components (like cutter discs) and recommission it – making it the fastest relaunch in Bangalore Metro’s construction history.

In comparison – L&T took 58 days to recommission Lavi’s sister machine Avni, which went through the same journey months prior, towards Vellara Junction (National Military School) Station.

Route of RT-02 from Shivajinagar to National Military School – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 info & route map

The distance from MG Road to National Military School is approximately 1134 meters which L&T hopes to cover in 331 days.

So far approximately 39% of tunneling work for Phase 2 (total scope: 20,855m) has been completed with 7 out of 26 breakthroughs recorded: 3 on Package RT-01 by Afcons, 2 on RT-02 by L&T, 2 on RT-03 by L&T, and 0 on RT-04 by ITD Cementation.

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5 Responses to "L&T’s TBM Lavi Relaunched from Bangalore Metro’s MG Road Station"

  1. Gaurav says:

    The tunnelling looks to be progressing without any major issues. Is it on track vis a vis the stipulated deadlines? What’s your take on when the tunnelling can be completed and getting the pink line ready?

    • TMRG says:

      Official deadline is 2024 (?), but am sure BMRCL has a revised internal deadline that is way past this.

      I don’t see any part of the underground section becoming operational before 2025. RT-04 section that includes Nagawara won’t be ready until at least 2026-27. Tender notices are still pending for all major systems. Think of coaches, signaling, AFC etc.

  2. lakshmisha k.s says:

    Interesting article – https://www.hindustantimes.com/cities/bengaluru-news/bengaluru-metro-work-hits-a-roadblock-needs-1-5-more-years-for-tunnelling-101652682637993-amp.html

    “As per Mr Gudge, the BMRCL plans to finish the remaining tunnelling work in another 1.5 years with Metro operations on the Pink Line to commence by 2025. BMRCL has also announced that it has till date completed 40% of the tunnelling work. “

    • Vivek Narasimhamurthy says:

      If it commences in 2025, its a dream come true.
      Its BMRCL not any Japanese Rail companies.

  3. Hanumantha Raju says:

    If BMRCL give priority and complete track work, signalling up to Shivajinagar from MG road, and commence trains it can earn income at the earliest.


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