Bids for Bangalore Metro Airport Depot’s Civil Work Invited

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Limited (BMRCL) this week invited tenders for the civil construction work of Bangalore Metro Blue Line’s Airport Depot.

This small train maintenance depot in Phase 2B (Airport Line) will serve the city’s new 57 km Blue Line, which along with Phase 2A (ORR Line), will connect Central Silk Board – KR Puram – Bengaluru International Airport.

The depot is also referred to as Doddajala Depot or Shettigere Depot. Per BMRCL’s August newsletter, a preliminary notice for acquiring an additional area of 12,576.619 sqm has been sent to the the government for approval.

This contract is being financed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which approved a USD 500 million (approx. Rs 3680 crore) loan in December 2020.

  • Estimated Cost: Rs. 204.68 crore
  • Deadline / Period of Work: 548 Days
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 30 September, 2022 at 11:30AM
  • Bid Submission Start Date: 21 October, 2022
  • Bid Submission End Date: 29 October, 2022
  • Technical Bid Opening Date: 31 October, 2022

Brief Scope: Construction of Airport Depot for Bangalore Metro Rail Project-Phase-2B

Location of Bangalore Metro Blue Line’s Depots – view detailed Phase 2A info and Phase 2B Info

Operations on the Blue Line will also be supported by the Purple Line’s operational Baiyappanahalli Depot which will be converted in a phased manner to serve the Blue Line in the future. Bids for its reconstruction / remodel were invited in August.

Back in September 2021, PADECO Co. Ltd. – Ardanuy India Pvt Ltd. JV was awarded both depots’ Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) contract valued at Rs. 3.94 crore.

As shared earlier – both depots will house 222 new coaches (37 x 6) as part of a 318 coach contract financed by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). A tender notice for their procurement is still pending, which is fine for the Blue Line but now terribly delays the start of operations on Phase 2 project’s 21.38 km Pink Line till at least 2025.

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17 Responses to "Bids for Bangalore Metro Airport Depot’s Civil Work Invited"

  1. Anonymous says:

    whats the update on the purple line whitefield extension??

  2. The Indian Railway Guy says:

    Great to see work on the blue line chugging along as it should. I’m expecting operations to start by 2028, owing to how AFCONS still hasn’t completed a majority of its piers and is easily 6 months behind schedule, unlike SNC or NCC. The yellow line also seems to be doing fine, although there’s little to no info regarding its CRRC rolling stock (again, why on earth did they choose a Chinese company, when BEML is literally right here?!)

    And the pink line, well, it’s just sad. The tunneling is progressing somewhat steadily, but the viaduct for the elevated sections is barely there, and I don’t really see lots of progress with its segments. Hope it gets done by 2025 like you’ve predicted.

    • Rahul says:

      2028 is a very pessimistic timeline. The construction is using precast. Also there is very good progress on the entire stretch. Even from the airport to hebbal. It is believed to be the fastest completion metro line in Bangalore.

  3. Suresh says:

    There seems to be no budget or spine, to complete the existing projects on time, not sure why new projects are being rolled out.
    We are already suffering because of incomplete projects and request the concerned to address the existing issues before common man completely looses faith in democracy.

  4. Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

    So, has the remaining 5 acres in Shettigere/Doddajala been acquired ??

  5. Aravind Kumar says:

    Pls update on Whitefield section, I see many stations work is pending and trial run is not yet started. This also may take one more year.

  6. Joker says:

    Padeco is real fraud company. Keep your hands off it.

  7. Ram says:

    Any further plans to acquire properties around Nagawara station?

  8. Eswar v says:

    I would like to know when Silk board to Bommasandra Metro will be operational please

    • pakodanomique says:

      My guesstimate would be 18 months, for the complete yellow line, boss. Based on the track laying work that is pending.

      • Jishnukrishna Venkat says:

        Who told track laying works are pending? Tracks were layed almost everywhere this January itself. Even many stations are almost done, with traces of escalators and ticket counter chambers. Saw them while going to Madurai in a Night Bus on 4th Oct..

  9. kannan says:

    need list of Contractors & value


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