Bangalore Metro’s TBM Vamika Records Breakthrough at Lakkasandra

Tunnel Boring Machine S-1260 operated by Afcons Infrastructure on Monday recorded a tunnel breakthrough at Lakkasandra Station’s site for Bangalore Metro’s 21.386 km Pink Line (Nagawara – Kalena Agrahara).

Nicknamed Vamika, this was TBM S-1260’s second breakthrough for the southbound tunnel of the 73.92 km Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project‘s 3.655 km Package RT-01 connecting Rashtriya Military School Station – Dairy Circle South Ramp.

Photo via BMRCL

This Herrenknecht earth pressure balance (EPB) machine was originally commissioned from the South Ramp in June 2021 and traveled 614 meters to record a “hidden breakthrough” at Dairy Circle Station in January 2022.

The machine then continued tunneling through Dairy Circle Station’s box and traveled another 747.338 meters to arrive at Lakkasandra Station’s site.

RT-01: Dairy Circle Ramp – National Military School- view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 Info & Map

Per the tunneling plan, Afcons was hoping to complete tunneling on this section in 243 days and they accomplished the task in 232 days.

A video posted by Srivas Rajagopalan at BMRCL can be viewed here.

Photo via Rupa Paramanik

I hear TBM Rudra (S-1259), working on the northbound tunnel on the same route, continues to be stuck in a garbage dump that earlier used to be a granite quarry.

TBM Vamika now has just 1 more assignment pending, a 714.51m tunnel towards Langford Town Station which Afcons hopes to complete in 157 days.

BMRCL’s recent November newsletter indicates approximately 62.39% of tunneling work had been completed for Phase 2 (total scope: 21,041m) by October-end.

With this development, a total of 15 out of 26 breakthroughs have recorded: 5 on Package RT-01 by Afcons, 3 on RT-02 by L&T, 4 on RT-03 by L&T, and 3 on RT-04 by ITD Cementation. I hear ITD’s TBM Bhadra (S-840) is expected to arrive at Shadi Mahal Shaft on December 16, so stay tuned!

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14 Responses to "Bangalore Metro’s TBM Vamika Records Breakthrough at Lakkasandra"

  1. Arun Shankar C says:

    Great news, slowly inching towards 100 % but still a long way to go.
    Can i please know when you are expecting entire yellow line to be operational? I remember you had already predicted Q2 2023 for entire whitefield stretch and that is turning out to be true.

    • TMRG says:

      Q3 or Q4 2023? Stations’ finishing works are nearing completion. Hebbagodi Depot’s sheds are ready and systems are being configured. It’s in a more advanced stage than Kadugodi Depot, but we’re yet to see how and when BMRCL will deploy their BEML or Titagarh-CRRC trainsets.

      • Arun Shankar C says:

        Thanks TMRG. Hope by 2024 Q1 we can see entire purple line including challaghatta part and , Yellow line is functional. Please let me know if this can be a fair expectation? 🤞

        • TMRG says:

          Entire Purple Line – definitely! Rest of Yellow Line (HSR Layout – RV Road) likely no sooner than Q4 2024. Jayadeva Station is the most challenging part and I’m sure BMRCL would want to open Pink Line’s elevated section in one go for a smooth experience (passenger & construction related).

  2. Shiv says:

    How many breakthroughs are left in RT01?

  3. B E Harsha Vardhan says:

    When did complete ELECTRONIC CITY LINE….?

  4. Amitesh Raikwar says:

    Hope they will soon inaugurate Namma Metro Yellow 1st phase and Purple line extension by March 23.

  5. Somashekar says:

    In the past,it took many years for broad gauge conversion,doubling of tracks between Mysore Bangalore route. We suffered a lot during those periods. But to our surprice the above the metro project is comparatively moving very swiftly. Thanks to namma metro and concerned ministry.

  6. Subash says:

    Sad part is, we are still depending for thease machine’s on foreign countries.
    Beml started more than 6 decades back yet to plan to manufacture, as if it’s a rocket science.
    Problems, Nehru started this as a public sector.
    Had it been allowed in private sectors, we may be exporting it by now.
    Sad Indian story.
    Let’s wait for the D day.
    Put the Bharat first.

  7. Deepak Anand says:

    Good progress. Is there a plan to extend green lane from Silk farm (NIce Road) to kaggllipura on kanakapura road ?

    Best Regards

  8. Gomes Clevin Clement says:

    TMRG, What’s your opinion on Rai-Murdhe Depot of Mumbai Metro Line 9. Recently MMRDA Revealed that Alternative land is not feasible and they have to setup the Depot at Rai-Murdhe. CM Shinde Saheb has also said that he will proceed only if they take villagers into confidence.
    What do u think about this

    • TMRG says:

      Topographical and geotechnical survey tender notice was published in October. Going by that, it looks to me like Rai Murdhe is on the cards. Let’s see…


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