Ranjit Launches Ahmedabad Metro Phase 2 C3’s 1st U-Girder

Ranjit Buildcon Ltd. (RBL) on Tuesday launched the first pair of 27.90m long U-girders for Ahmedabad Metro Phase 2 project‘s Package C3 connecting Sector-1 – Mahatma Mandir in Gandhinagar.

The milestone was recorded on top of piers P-12 and P-13 located between Gandhinagar’s Sector-1 and Sector 10A. I estimate a total of 430 U-girders will eventually be launched by RBL.

Photo by Arvind Kumar

7.553 km long elevated Package C3 was awarded to Dilip Buildcon (DBL) in October 2022 with a contract value Rs. 723.45 crore. Construction works were subsequently subcontracted out to Ranjit Buildcon.

Ranjit’s team in February had started piling works  – the first step of the construction process – and cast their first pier at the same spot.

RBL’s team – Photo by Arvind Kumar

Package C3 consists of 7 elevated stations at Sachivalaya, Akshardham, Juna Sachivalaya, Sector-16, Sector-24 and Mahatma Mandir.

This is the 3rd and final section of 28.254 km Phase 2 which will see Ahmedabad’s north-south Red Line getting extended by 22.838 km from Motera Stadium to Mahatma Mandir via 20 new stations with a 5.416 km spur from GNLU to GIFT City which includes 2 new stations.

Package C3: Sector-1 – Mahatma Mandir section with indicative location of stations – view Ahmedabad Metro Phase 2 route map & information
First U-girder placed at 11 am – Photo by Arvind Kumar
Second U-girder placed at 5 pm (U-girders in the background belong to C2) – Photo by Arvind Kumar

With this development, U-girder launching activity is now underway across all 3 packages of Phase 2:

  • 14.36 km Package C1: Afcons Infrastructure in December 2021 – see details & pics
  • 6.478 km Package C2: Ranjit Buildcon in November 2021 – see details & pics
  • 7.553 km Package C3: Ranjit Buildcon in March 2023 – this post!

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7 Responses to "Ranjit Launches Ahmedabad Metro Phase 2 C3’s 1st U-Girder"

  1. KC says:

    Thanks for the info. Can u update if all the U griders in package C1 and C2 has been launched? When do you see the sections being completed? Will it undergo a phase wise launch or they plan to launch in a sequential manner ?

    • TMRG says:

      C1 & C2’s launching is in progress. GMRC hasn’t revealed their game plan, but the way construction is progressing we might see a phased launch of C1/2 together followed by C3. More to come in the next year or so…

  2. Prashant yadav says:

    Need job

  3. Meowies says:

    Hey TMRG,

    Did you know that Ranjit Buildcon Limited (RBL) is the same construction company who built a bridge at S.P Ring Road in Ahmedabad, Which collapsed during construction work?

    After the collapse Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation(AMC) appointed a team to investigate the issue

    The team found out that the material used to construct the bridge was inferior such as low quality concrete, cement and sand, hack even the TmT bars used were poor

    The team submitted the report to AMC, and guess what AMC did?

    Instead of making the report public the AMC tried their best to keep this report as secret and save the RBL

    recently another bridge build by ajay construction in city started getting damaged, so they appointed another team to investigate and they found the same cheap material used.

    again AMC tried their best to keep this secret and save the company, but this time a news agency got access to all these reports and published in their newspaper

    and guess again? instead of accepting this AMC is trying to save the constructor

    the ring road bridge was collapsed like 1.5 year ago even after that the state government announced alot of project’s construction to the same company

    and now I doubt everything made by RBL, weather it is safe or not

    I did some research and found out that RBL has family like relationship with BJP so government always is with them

    Idk. It’s just such sad thing to know about. That this level of corruption happens in Gujarat

    here’s news about these it’s in Gujarati use Google translate.





    • TMRG says:

      Hi, all infra companies have ties to political parties. Some even have ties to the MDs of metro organizations. Some of the stories I hear from my sources are awful.

      I can’t speak about local city flyovers, but for metro projects – GMRC’s engineers and their General Consultants would have oversight about the type of material used and construction process. It’s a little reassuring.

  4. Duke says:

    Dilip Buildcon received the package but Ranjit Buildcon doing construction work. How ? Please help me here ?

  5. Arvind kumar prajapati says:

    can u post some updates abt pkg c4


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