Alstom Begins Production of Bhopal & Indore Metros’ 1st Train

Alstom Transport India today formally started manufacturing 52 Movia train-sets in Savli, Gujarat for Indore Metro and Bhopal Metro’s Phase 1 projects.

This super exciting development comes 8 months after Madhya Pradesh Metro Rail Co Limited (MPMRCL) awarded Alstom with Indore and Bhopal Metros’ combined 156 coach rolling stock & signaling contract with a 4.18 year delivery deadline.

Design of Bhopal & Indore metro’s train-sets unveiled! – Photo by Alstom Transport India

MPMRCL will operate 3 coach Alstom train-sets in formations of DMC+TC+DMC where DMC = Driving Motor Car and TC = Trailer Car. 

27 of these trains (81 coaches) will be stabled at Bhopal Metro’s Subhash Nagar Depot – the common carshed for Phase 1’s lines. Of these 14 will serve the under construction 14.99 km Purple Line (Karond Circle – AIIMS) while 13 will serve the upcoming 12.88 km Red Line (Bhadbhada Square – Ratnagiri Tiraha).

Indore Metro’s Gandhi Nagar Depot will stable 25 trains (75 coaches) to service the 33.53 km Yellow Line which will form a ring line around Indore city connecting Palasia – Railway Station – Rajwara- Airport – Bhawarsala. Recent images of the depot under construction by K.S.M. Bashir Mohd. and Sons can be viewed here.

Photo by Alstom Transport India

The above picture shows the 1st sideframe setup fixture. I’m not sure if this particular train-set will be sent to Indore or Bhopal, but imagine we’ll figure that out in the next 7-9 months.

From what I see, the train-sets’ design is similar to Kanpur and Agra metros’ Movia trainsets with modifications to the color-scheme and addition of an additional light below the headlight. I was hoping we’d get to see something radically different, but I’ll take this.

In case you missed it, Alstom last week started production on Pune Metro Line-3’s first train-set out of their Sri City, AP facility – see details & pics.

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13 Responses to "Alstom Begins Production of Bhopal & Indore Metros’ 1st Train"

  1. Harshan Uruthiranantha Sarma says:

    Nice metro!

  2. Kartik says:

    Oh wait if this is the final design then it was already revealed.

    Pravasi Bhartiya Divas was organised in Indore in the month of January. At that time, they put up posters with this exact image on the corridore on the barricades. I thought this might be just any image used to tell that metro is under construction. But apparently that is the actual design.

    Also, Indore metro’s line is colour coded yellow while bhopal is coded purple. So why would they showcase renders of a red train?

    • TMRG says:

      That’s interesting. They have generic/stock images of Movia trains for press release purposes, but this isn’t one of them.

  3. Anup says:

    Base technology is Alstom or Bombardier?

  4. Abhishek says:

    Any updates on Ahmedabad Phase 2 and Surat rolling stock

  5. Akash says:

    Have you any update on wheel & axle supplier for this project?

  6. Raj says:

    Any update on CRRC /Titagargh – BMRCL rolling stock supply?

  7. Yash says:

    Any update on Delhi Metro Phase 4?
    And Its rolling stock production is also awarded to Alstom, is that also started?


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