Mumbai Metro Line-12: Bids Reinvited for Civil Contract CA-240

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) this week re-invited tenders for the civil construction work of Mumbai Metro’s Line-12 (Orange Line) which will connect Kalyan – Dombivali – Amandoot (Taloja).

Mumbai Metro’s Line-12 with 19 elevated stations will be built as a 22.17 km long southern elevated extension of the partially under construction 24.95 km Line-5 (Thane – Bhiwandi – Kalyan) at an estimated cost of Rs 4,132 crore.

MMRDA had originally invited bids for its construction in February 2023 through 2 civil packages: CA-185 and CA-186 with 17 stations. They received 19 bids in May from 11 bidders, and cancelled the tendering process in June due to a significant change in scope.

They’ve now combined both packages into one mega tender (Package CA-240), modified the scope of Line-12 to have its northern terminal at Kalyan Railway Station instead, and added 2 new stations named Kalyan and APMC Kalyan which were to be built as part of Line-5.

  • Estimate: Rs. 1877.88 crore
  • Period of Work: 30 months
  • Pre-Bid Meeting: January 3, 2024 at 11 am
  • Bid Submission End Date: January 25, 2024 at 5 pm
  • Bid Opening Date: January 29 at 11 am

Brief Scope: Part design and construction of elevated viaduct (chainage -860.224 m to +21316.022 m) and 19 elevated stations viz. Kalyan, APMC Kalyan, Ganesh Nagar, Pisavali Gaon, Golavli, Dombivli MIDC, Sagaon, Sonarpada, Manpada, Hedutane, Kolegaon, Nilje Gaon, Vadavli (khu), Bale, Waklan, Turbhe, Pisarve Depot, Pisarve, Amandoot, including connecting line to depot from main line reference chainage 12+543 from Vadavli (khu) to depot (chainage 0+000 to 1+393) of line 12 [Kalyan-Taloja] [excluding architectural finishing & pre-engineered steel roof structure of stations] of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA

Indicative alignment of Mumbai Metro’s Line-12 (Kalyan – Dombivli MIDC – Nilje Gaon – Waklan – Taloja) – view Mumbai Metro Orange Line information

With Line-5’s Kalyan – Ganesh Nagar section now allocated to Line-12, this shortens Line-5’s length from 24.95 km to approximately 23.53 km. A more accurate figure will appear when MMRDA publishes tender notices for the Bhiwandi – Kalyan section’s civil work, which will partly be built underground.

Earlier this month, interestingly Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) re-invited bids for Agra Metro Line-2’s civil construction by also combining 2 packages into one mega 15.09 km long package.

At 22.17 km, Mumbai’s package CA-240 is the second longest civil package in India’s metro construction history. Hyderabad Metro’s 31 km Airport Express Line is the longest package so far (won by L&T in August 2023), but its execution might be put on-hold with the recent change in state government.

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10 Responses to "Mumbai Metro Line-12: Bids Reinvited for Civil Contract CA-240"

  1. Anand Asir A says:

    Hi TMRG
    We hear that there is going to be separate station for CMRL phase 2 in St.Thomas Mount. Any official updates?

  2. Shweta says:

    What about metro in vasai virar??

    • TMRG says:

      Not in the pipeline for now. MMRDA’s funds and immediate focus are for getting lines 2B, 4, 5, 6, 7A & 9 ready

      • Vasai Resident says:

        What a tragedy how ignored this suburb is by the powers that be. Urban planning as a concept does not exist in this area despite it being one of the most populated urban areas of India and densely populated too.

        This place had such amazing potential considering the proximity to the sea. Living here is a pain.

        Just in terms of transport, one cant survive without spending a fortune on a personal vehicle and to top it the roads are third grade and unsafe. There’s practically no public transport. Rickshaw charges 250 rupees to travel 5 kilometers what can one even say. There’s no use complaining. We’re all peasants and serfs without any redressal mechanism.

  3. Samson says:

    When is the line 4 realistically expected to be operational? And is it likely to be made operational in phases?

    • Dr Baviskar B. B. says:

      Metro line no.5 are progressive up to Dhamankar Naka,Bhiwandi,but why works from Dhamankar Naka (via Kalyan Naka) to Kalyan City are Pending since more than 1 yrs .what’s the reasons.

  4. Dayanand says:

    Kalyan – Taloji line will be waste of fund, majority of crowd in Kalyan Dombivali and down stations travel towards Dadar and up for job. Connecting metro more towards main land will help to ease traffic on central railway (even long distance train) and benefit for road travel also.

  5. Shubham Bansal says:

    Can you check this news and upadate if tender is already filled


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