Mumbai Metro Line-5’s 550m Kasheli Creek Bridge Completed

Afcons Infrastructure on Sunday launched the final box segment to complete civil construction on Kasheli Creek Bridge of Mumbai Metro’s 24.9 km Line-5 (Orange Line) which will connect Thane and Kalyan.

Per Afcons, the 550 meter long Kasheli Creek bridge is 15m above water and comprises of 13 piers – 9 in the creek and 4 on land. Each span consists of 15 box segments and has a length of 42.23m.

The team had began marine work for this new line in north-eastern Mumbai in May 2021 by first constructing a temporary jetty to aid in the bridge’s construction. The first segment was cast at their Ovali Casting Yard in February 2022.

The bridge forms a part of 12.811 km Package CA-28 which connects Kapurbawadi and Bhiwandi. It consists of 7 stations en route at Kapurbawadi, Balkum Naka, Kasheli, Kalher, Purna, Anjurphata, and Dhamankar Naka.

Kapurbawadi – Dhamankar Naka section of Line-5 – view Mumbai Metro info & map
Final segment ready for launch!

The bridge’s segments were erected in 123 days (roughly 4 months) by using a rear feeding system on a segment trolley.

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    Any Updates on Line 9 Carshed at Uttan ?

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    give one station at before toll naka kasheli


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