Afcons Casts Mumbai Metro Line-5’s Girders for Kasheli Creek Bridge

Afcons Infrastructure on Saturday started pouring concrete to cast the 1st Prestressed concrete (PSC) box girder for the 550m Kasheli Creek Bridge of Mumbai Metro’s 24.9 km Line-5 (Orange Line) which will connect Thane and Kalyan.

Afcons will be casting 5 different types of box segments at their Ovali Casting Yard with each segment weighing between 40MT-46MT.

Rebar cage for a box girder – Photo via Arjun Dhotre

The team began marine work for this new line in north-eastern Mumbai in May 2021 by first constructing a temporary jetty to aid in the bridge’s construction.

Afcons’ 12.811 km Package CA-28 of Line-5 connects Kapurbawadi with Bhiwandi and consists of 7 seven stations en route at Kapurbawadi, Balkum Naka, Kasheli, Kalher, Purna, Anjurphata, and Dhamankar Naka.

Kapurbawadi – Dhamankar Naka section of Line-5 – view Mumbai Metro info & map
First box segment being castPhoto via Arjun Dhotre

Here are some snaps of the bridge which will consist of 13 piers – 9 in the creek and 4 on land:

Photo via Raj Kumar Singh
Pile cage being lowered on Feb 9 – Photo via Raj Kumar Singh

Here’s how the Line-5’s status looks like as of February 8 shared by Raj Kumar Singh – a CEG engineer working on the line’s General Consultant team. I’ll add total scope numbers for each when available.

  • U-Girder Erection Completed: 45% work
  • Balkum Naka Station Spine Beam Erection: 100%
  • Pier Cap Erection: 66% Completed
  • Kasheli Creek Bridge Piling: 80% Work Completed

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12 Responses to "Afcons Casts Mumbai Metro Line-5’s Girders for Kasheli Creek Bridge"

  1. Clevin Gomes says:

    Any Updates about Rai Murdhe Depot of Line 9, I heard that Villagers is still opposing the project.Meanwhile MMRDA has Invited Bids to conduct Surveys for Depot.Looks like they are now committed to built the Depot for the sake of Efficient Operations of the line

    • TMRG says:

      No update on my end. It’s just a survey to help prepare detailed design. It doesn’t indicate that any or all land has been acquired.

  2. Pratik says:

    Hey TMRG,
    Do you know why are all new metro stations in all cities are 140 meters long ??
    Do you think it would be sufficient for future needs ??

    • TMRG says:

      Coaches across the board are typically 21.90m long, so 140m is the design standard set for stations to handle 6 coach trains.

      With advanced signaling (and further improvements year over year), this length is sufficient and enough for pretty much all metro lines in India. Mumbai’s Line-3 is the only outlier. That will see 8 coach trains + advanced signaling from the get-go due.

  3. Snowfox says:

    Does anyone has any info on Metro line-5’s Eastward section which was put on hold?

  4. Eazaz says:

    Is there any update on progress of work from BHIWANDI to kalyan, as no progress visible beyond BHIWANDI.
    Is MMRDA planning to operate Thane to Kalyan 8n 1st phase?

  5. Dharmendra says:

    Roads from kasheli to anjurphata is in WORST condition, people are suffering with pollution,potholes.some part of this road is just MUD and rocks. It really feels bad, metro work is in full swing but people don’t have proper roads

    • Kamal Singh says:

      YES and it is Going to Rain Again in 4 months time. I am Sorry but till a Politician does not get effected in a Major Way in Bhiwandi is not going to Improve.

  6. Kamal Singh says:

    Should not the Administration make an internal transport system for places like Thane and Andheri ? These places are cities NY themselves

  7. Name says:

    Any update on Mumbai metro line 5 kalyan naka to for underground tender or any other update?


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