BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore’s Gottigere – Swagath Road Section

After kickstarting the bidding process for the 18.80 km RV Road – Bommasandra line in late-2016, the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. has now also initiated the civil bidding process for Bangalore Metro’s new 21.25 km Gottigere – Nagawara line under the 72 km Phase 2 project. Today, they published a notice inviting infrastructure companies to bid for constructing its 7.50 km elevated viaduct in south Bangalore from Gottigere to Swagath Road Cross which includes 5 new stations.

This section of the line will be built on Bannerghata Road and is officially referred as Reach 6-CC-01. Further north, the line is going to consist of a 13.79 km underground section from Dairy Circle to Nagawara, and is likely to consist of 3 packages 4 packages (as per the MD) for which bids are expected to be invited this year.

On behalf of Managing Director, BMRCL, General Manager (Contracts) invites Tenders for the work of “Construction of Elevated Structure (viaduct and stations) of length 7.50 Km (approx.) from Gottigere to Swagath Road Cross (Chainage 00.00 m to 7501.818m) including Kothnur Depot, entry line, road widening and allied works and 5 numbers of Metro Stations viz. Gottigere, Hulimavu, IIMB, JP Nagar 4th Phase, Swagath Road Cross in Reach 6 line of Bangalore Metro Rail Project, Phase-2″
Link to Notice

Gottigere – Swagath Road Cross section – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 map & info

Besides constructing the viaduct in 27 months, the contractor will also be responsible for constructing 5 new stations at Gottigere, Hulimavu, IIM-Bangalore, JP Nagar 4th Phase and Swagath Road Cross. The multi-level Jayadeva Interchange Station on this line will be constructed under a separate package for which the BMRCL invited bids in December 2016.

As I’ve mentioned before, the entire line and other system contracts are going to be funded through loans obtained from the European Investment Bank (EIB) and Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank with whom the BMRCL has been in talks with since mid-2016. BMRCL’s notice confirms that:

Tender documents for this package will go on sale on March 8, 2017 and the BMRCL has estimated it to cost Rs. 575.52 crores. The last date for submitting bidding documents is 3 pm on May 18, 2017 after which the bids will be opened & evaluated for eligibility at 3:30 pm. Financial bids are expected to be opened in Q4 2017 with ground work starting in Q1 2018. This line’s depot will be built at Kothanur and as such, starting operations will not be dependent on the underground section. Timing wise, since this line will be a part of the multi-storey Jayadeva Interchange, I expect it open no sooner than 2022.

Phase 2’s Status

With this development, the BMRCL has completed inviting bids for all elevated sections of Phase 2 (see list). Now only the 13.79 km underground section (in grey) is pending.

Blue: Under Construction | Black: Contract Awarded | Purple: Bids Invited | Grey: Bids Yet to be Invited

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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38 Responses to "BMRCL Invites Bids for Bangalore’s Gottigere – Swagath Road Section"

  1. KRISHNAN says:

    Hi TMRG

    I feel BMRCL should explore all other options rather than going with this underground route.
    Elevated track will be very easy to built. I am sure that TBM will take lot of time as it will be same hard granite which is impossible to drill.In a way it is like repeating the same mistake without learning.
    I am surprised that media or people are not saying any thing about it.

    This route is very critical as it will connect Nagawara which in turn will connect to new Airport.

    Hope they are increasing the number of TBM this time with smaller sections for each.

    • Infrastructurist909 says:

      1) The city’s congested enough. Can you imagine the kind of road widening/works needed around Brigade Road alone? Not to mention it’ll feel so much more crowded.

      2) I can’t imagine how many more trees they’d have to cut. They’re already dong away with 3000 or so now. If they went elevated I’m sure it’d be no different than the steel flyover that way (funnily enough, no one ever complained about the Metro cutting WAY more trees than the flyover, but that’s another thing).

      2) BMRCL said they limited the station size because the costs for land acquisition beyond Dairy Circle (where the line goes underground) were prohibitively expensive. They’d probably be larger if they went elevated.

      3) The Nagawara route wasn’t decided yet was it? I don’t know why people keep saying this.They even said at some point that the Yelahanka route was close to the highway and land was cheaper.

      Hard rock or not, it’ll take a loooong time before this line’s ready. That was going to be the case even if they went elevated. It’s not ideal, but I wouldn’t mind waiting if it meant less concrete everywhere you look.

      • Ronith says:

        Extremely good analysis, Sir.
        For building the elevated viaduct on Bannerghatta Road, even though the road is wider than the ones encountered after Diary Circle, road widening and allied works along with land acquisition had to be done.
        Imagine doing the same thing for areas like Shivajinagar, Shoolay Circle, Mico Adugodi etc. The project cost would have sky rocketed and would have made it almost not feasible to execute. Not to mention the number of trees that would have to be removed, specially around in and around Anepalya junction.

      • KRISHNAN says:

        Yes,I agree .We are talking about very hard granite.Tunneling below a living city has its own challenges.The only solution will be to
        1. increase the number of TBM. Say one TBM for every two Kilometers.
        That should speedup the tunneling process.

        2. increase the sample drills for a more detailed understanding of soil

        3.look for any new technology

        4. steps to minimize the damage to water table

        Let us hope TBM cutter heads dont crack this time.

    • ekdk says:

      you stupid imagine mg road you idiot how will they have 2 tracks like crosshairs man use your brains

      • ABC says:

        You can always put forward your point of view or analysis or correct others’ without abusing or getting personal. This is a great website, and I am sure you are quite educated and enthusiastic to be following it. Why spoil the enthusiasm?

      • Arun Padmanabhan says:

        Every one has right to express their thoughts. There is absolutely no need to use abusive language. Let us not spoil the spirit of this site.

        • TMRG says:

          Arun & ABC – thanks for stepping in! I don’t want this to turn into a toxic community and your comments are appreciated 🙂

  2. Digant says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Few days ago Mahametro invited bids for Pune Metro where they have given companies only one month time to submit their bids. However in case of BMRCL they are giving almost 3 months time for all sections. Any particular reason why they give so much time. How much time is usually given for bids in other cities like Delhi metro, Lucknow metro, etc.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, bid preparation-submission duration depends on the scope’s complexity and anywhere around 2-3 months is standard. Since interested bidders almost always demand for more preparation time, operators pad on some extra time instead of extending the submission deadline.

      Check out Lucknow’s Tender page – they’ve done a good job in posting all sort of notices (inviting tenders, opening financial bids, award of contract) and replies to interested bidders.

  3. Sumit says:

    I don’t see the tender info on the official website.

  4. Samra says:

    Have you left posting monthly report of delhi metro phase’s 3.
    Pls. do update about Janakpuri-kalindikunj section in detail bro asap.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, Phase 3’s tunneling works are complete, so I don’t see a reason for posting again. 2 TBMs are currently waiting to come out at the Gurdwara Shaft (between Majlis Park – Azadpur) and I’ll share an update whenever they do.

  5. gk says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Can you privide DPR of this line?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, it’s not available online and the BMRCL has shown no interest in publishing it either. At the most, we’ll get to see the line’s alignment with station locations.

  6. KRISHNAN says:

    7 -March-2017

    As per news paper they now plan to use 8TBM machines for 13.75 km and target is 27 months.

    So average distance per TBM machine is (13.75 x 2)/8 = 3.43 km each.
    @TMRG – Is my calculations correct ?

    • KRISHNAN says:

      I calculated further.
      This comes to 4.2 meters( approx ) per day per TBM. This is based on assumption that TBM will be working every day 7 days a week.

      @TMRG – Do you think this is achievable.

      I remember that in hard Granite soil , TBM was drilling only 1 to 2 meters a day. But in loose soil / soft soil TBM progressed 6 to 7 meters a day.
      The main delay was that cutter head broke and TBM had to wait for 6 months to get new cutter head from Italy.

      • TMRG says:

        Hi, the exact length of the UG section is unknown right now, but let’s assume it’s 13.75 or 13.79 km as it’s been reported in this past. This number consists of many sub-parts and not everything is built by TBMs. Components: station box (250m each), TBM tunnels, possibly NATM tunnels, cut and cover section and ramps to exit/enter the tunnels. From my observation around the country, only 1/2 to 3/5 of the UG section is ever built by TBMs.

        I know the media has published 8 TBMs, but let’s see what the BMRCL says in their tender documents on the number & type (new, refurbished/old). Once those TBMs are ready to be delivered (see this example from Lucknow), we’ll get to know more the tunneling plan and proposed length of tunneling drives by each TBM.

  7. Shashidhar says:

    As usual BMRCL once again proved their incompetence. UG section was the last to be awarded in phase 1 and same in phase 2 no lessons learnt. I am sure BMRCL will make same mistakes related power and other track related issues in phase 1 and not open up partially completed sections .

    I wonder apart from govt how will agencies fund BMRCL with such high level of incompetence

  8. Ashok says:

    I wonder if they have really planned this line in detail. Right near Jayadev, there are a couple of big religious structures, where road widening is impossible. Further on near the Mico factory the road is very narrow due to more religious structures. Even though the line goes underground here it would be impossible to construct a station using cut-and-cover technique. Same for Tannery road, Pottery road etc. These are “sensitive” areas.

    I have no real hope for this line till 2025. Till then it will be set of half finished structures.

  9. Black says:

    Does anybody know where exactly would be the Gottigere metro Station?

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, unlike the BYP-Whitefield extension or RV-Bommasandra line, the BMRCL hasn’t revealed the line’s alignment+station locations. From my understanding, it’s supposed to be very close to Mount St Joseph school.

  10. Wajid says:

    Is it even possible ? o_o

  11. RAKESH SHARMA says:


  12. Krishnan1 says:

    Inspection of work at majestic metro station Bengaluru

  13. flthere says:

    Have they selected the contractor for RV Road to Bommasandra line ?

    • TMRG says:

      Evaluation of eligibility is underway. That will be followed by the opening and evaluation of technical bids. Financial bids (last stage) are expected to be opened in Q3 (June – Sept) to reveal the winner/selected contractor.

  14. Sumit says:

    The tender for UG section property demolition has been floated. What are your predictions regarding the civil tender?


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