[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Green Line Stations Ready for Operations

OK, I lied. Some of these stations have been ready since 2012!

Here’s a picture-post with some new images of the 8 elevated stations on Bangalore Metro’s 8 km Reach-4/4A of the Green Line between National College and Yelachenahalli which are slated to open their doors to users on June 18 after getting inaugurated a day before by President Pranab Mukherjee.

These stations have been long completed but had to wait for the Green Line’s underground tunneling works, between Sampige Road – National College, to first get completed in order for trains from Peenya Depot in north Bangalore to access this part of the line in south Bangalore. The BMRCL at one point considered airlifting coaches and placing them on the South Ramp, as done previously in Delhi & Gurgaon, but gave up on it due to logistical and economic reasons, including what would have become a post-launch train maintenance nightmare. After the line’s final TBM breakthrough in September 2016, the BMRCL in November slowly pulled a train through the parallel tunnel to enter the National College Station for the 1st time – a major milestone of the 42.30 km Phase 1 project.

List of civil contractors:

Reach-4 (National College – RV Road) – 4.1 km
• Viaduct – NCC
• Stations – IVRCL-CR18G JV (Jayanagar & RV Road) ; Larsen & Toubro (National College, Lalbagh & South End Circle)

Reach-4A (RV Road – Yelachenahalli) – 3.9 km
• Viaduct & Stations – JMC Projects

Pending 12 km section of the Green Line – view Bangalore Metro map & information

Unless mentioned, all images have been sourced from BMRCL’s June 2017 newsletter. Enjoy!

National College Station

Lal Bagh Station

South End Circle Station

Jayanagar Station

RV Road Station

Banashankari Station

JP Nagar Station

Photo Copyright: New Indian Express

Yelachenahalli Station

Hungry for more? See this link for images of KR Market Station and this link for images of Majestic Station – both on the 4 km UG-1 section of the line which’ll open up along with the above elevated stations.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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57 Responses to "[Pics] Bangalore Metro’s Green Line Stations Ready for Operations"

  1. Santhosh says:

    Opening this stretch in 9 months after final TBM breakthrough looks like a good job right ? Generally it takes 12 to 18 months…. I agree they made lot of false promises but we need to respect them where it’s due I guess.

    • TMRG says:

      Definitely. Hats off!

    • Madhushekar says:

      Yes you are right. Iam in Canada right now and the city iam in has a population of 1 m. Even here duruin peak hours traffic crawls. It takes 40 mins to travel about 15 KM’s. They have LRT which only covers north south. They are building east west for ages. as a Bangalorian iam really proud of our achievement. Imagine a city of 10 m population with traffic and high density city building a metro is not a joke. IAM in IT and as I keep saying there is hardly any project that gets competed on time in budget. Mind you in IT you don’t have land acquisition, environmental clearance, litigations, drilling hole below the ground etc. So I respect and in awe of BMRCL. Hats off

  2. Naveen says:

    Banashankari is namma stop. I have plans to wake up early and take the first ride out.

  3. shamsheer says:

    Please share fare details.

  4. Pavan says:

    I see a baggage scanner placed exactly on the tactile tiles in the pictures of National college station. Hopefully they will change this.

  5. sharad says:

    Are there any details of parking availability near these metro stations? That would be a big factor in encouraging usage among people.

  6. Madhu says:

    How much load or persons can the 750V metro train carry in upramp?(eg., majestic to sampige road sta)

  7. Kris says:

    The station pics look good. Can we get info the availability of parking at these stations?

  8. Anil Shetty says:

    To get to lalbhag station from MG road do We have to go to majestic and then take a another train

  9. Mohsin says:

    Please confirm when will be the connectivity from mantri mall to majestic will operate.

  10. Mvk says:

    So it means the metro trains are now in operating.
    Can you please share the details when it will get started between Byapannahalli and JP Nagar.

    • Madhusudan H J says:

      No direct trains. Interchange station is majestic. JP Nagar is on Green Line which will be open for public on June 18

  11. Parthasarathy MP says:

    Though phase 1 of metro is almost completed, they have not started the work on Hosur road where plenty of land readily available and utility shifting is minimal. Why they are wasting time to begin construction.

  12. bangalorean says:


    I SHOULD say i have been seeing Jayangar station completed like 3 years ago and metro piers done around 2 ~ 3 years ago. Lot of time has been wasted, which means cost over run and lethargy.

    Well guys, Chennai is far better they have even completed metro to their Airport smooth as SILK. BOO Bangalore.

    Finally something to cheer about, too little too late.

    • tauraus1908 says:

      Didn’t know this was a pissing contest.

    • Manjunath says:

      Chennai airport is with IN city & only one reach is constructed it’s not fully not connected to city from airport. Metro is in the airport main road not in the premius of airport.

    • Alok says:

      U can boo bmrcl brother, but u can’t boo Bangalore!! These two glorious cities can be proud of their metro, and still not.show each other down. Peace!

    • PK says:

      To this date,this Blog was not infested by “Chennai Infrastructure is better” dimwits!!! Here is one !!!
      We have all seen Chennai’s glorious Infrastructure ….One of the major city roads caved in where an UG Tunnel Stretch work is going on !!! That speaks a lot about that great city’s Infrastructure……

      • chella says:

        Road caving in is geology. It speaks nothing of the city’s infrastructure. PS: I like Bangalore more than Chennai

        • PK says:

          What kind of logic does ur reply serve?
          Road caving in is geology!!!
          People will laugh on a STructural Engineer if he is unable to identify the ill effects of any AG/UG work….
          If I’m an Engineer assigned to build an UG stretch,I’ll 1st check whether my work will affect the road or property above?If this is the Standard of work on UG Stretch,then god bless(save) the people travelling inside the Metro

  13. shrikanth says:

    Chennai has had as much delays at Bangalore with issues like contractor abandoning the project midway. The many delays and problems of CMRL can be brought up with a simple google search. I don’t know why CMRL gets so much admiration. Regional bias could be the reason. A link below is just one of the many problems leading to delays in Chennai.


    • TMRG says:

      Perhaps because CMRL and the TN govt don’t hold regular press conferences to announce silly deadlines like done in BLR?

  14. bangalorean says:


    I am kannadiga by birth. I have been to Chennai only twice in my life only for visa…

    But I was impressed by the speed of construction better than Bangalore.

    I have seen roads when I used to cruise from jayanagar to egl via ejipura signal in 10mins.

    I am little happy but not very excited. As they say It is not to late to start anything but our time is gone spending in traffic.

    Next generations can enjoy fully…..

    Congrats to Bangaloreans finally…

    • Sham says:

      What a joke! Chennai never had major issues like very hard rock with TBM stuck etc. Even so, their ph1 is going to take the same 10 years to complete, probably more since TBMs are still at work & their construction had begun just two years after Bangalore.

      Yet, we have people here claiming that Chennai metro construction is “fast”!

  15. Annoy Shankar E L says:

    I am there in Banashankari station on 18th morning for the first ride.

  16. Er K B RATHANBABU says:

    This replaces the most popular BTS- Route Number 11 from 18th Cross Malleswaram to Gandhibazar of 50’s & 60’s. The interchange Station of MAJESTIC will have lot of importance and logistically PRIME.

  17. Shekar says:

    All station looks awesome!
    Good luck and best wishes

  18. Kumar says:

    What’s use in staying in such a place where there is no proper govt action. And reg Law and Order it’s the worst in my life. No action was taken even after giving in written with Commissioner office. DCP korammangala. ..and HAL police station.just for the sake of my old parents who are above 70yrs Sr.Citizens. only money works. Worst and bitter experience in my life….we had to sell our property under competition and get out of the state…..worst place to leave and worst political parties…..

    • Muthu says:

      How is this even relevant to this post?

      I think TMRG should moderate the comments, else it will be filled with spam like this!

    • Rajesh Chauhan says:

      Kumar you hopeless fellow.Quit Bangalore immediately.Who has stopped you? Did someone send you an invitation to come and stay in Bangalore – which is regarded as the most dynamic city in the world.

    • Rajesh Chauhan says:

      Kumar you hopeless fellow.Quit Bangalore immediately.Who has stopped you?Did someone send you an invitation to stay in Bangalore.Bangalore is the best place to live in India.It is the most dynamic city in the world.


    HI TMRG,
    I was going through the daily bulletin of Deccan Chronicle Bengaluru edition. It states that, Majestic is the biggest Metro in Asia. Is it true?
    I was of the opinion it was Rajeev Chowk in DMRC.

    Since you would be aware of it. Enlighten me.

    Check link: http://epaper.deccanchronicle.com/articledetailpage.aspx?id=8343062#

    • Sham says:

      I think Majestic is largest in Asia in floor area. It is spread over 7 acres. I doubt if any other underground metro station is spread over 7 acres! Total floor area is said to be 47,000 sqm across the station’s 4 levels.

      Rajiv chowk, though large, doesn’t seem as gigantic. Elsewhere in Asia, Singapore’s Dhoby Ghat station is huge but spaced longitudinally & may not have such a large spread of floor area.
      There are larger railway stations in China such as the ones in Beijing, Shanghai etc but they are not underground. There is a large underground railway station at Shenzen, but again it is not for metrorail.

      So, Majestic might well be the largest underground metro station in Asia in terms of floor area (not by crowds or number of connecting lines or number of levels or length etc).

  20. Nithin says:

    Kochi metro started in 2013 June finished 25 kms
    Bangalore metro started 2007 April 43 KMS

    • Ashok Kumar says:

      Kochi Metro is opening only 13kms on June 17th not the entire 25kms.

      • sham says:

        Also Kochi metro is completely overhead & does not have any underground section that takes lot of time to build.

        • Rajesh Chauhan says:

          Sham , well replied.Some people in the world start comparing things with half knowledge.Poor fellows.

        • Nithin Nayak says:

          Kochi metro i guess they cannot do it underground. Due to rivers and beach. Soil will be very moist and water flooding chances may be high. That might be the reason.

  21. KRISHNAN says:

    E Sreedharan becoming the next president of India? .

    Is this just media reports or a dream come true

  22. Sanjay V Balli says:

    I can see some politician’s banner and posters put up on pillars of Yelachenahalli station. I hope such banners will be removed and the decorum of the Metro stations and pillars are maintained neatly. And hopefully the vertical garden system is installed on all the pillars.

  23. Nagarajan says:

    From Majestic t, can we go to Banashankari by Metro?


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