BMRCL Invites PMC Bids for Bangalore Metro’s ORR – Airport Line

Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd. (BMRCL) on Monday invited tenders (bids) to appoint a Project Management Consultant (PMC) for the civil construction works of Bangalore Metro’s 55 km Line-5 (Blue Line) which’ll connect Silkboard – KR Puram – Bengaluru International Airport through 30 stations on the Outer Ring Road and NH-44.

BMRCL has so far utilized their in-house project management team for the 73.92 km Phase 2 project’s construction and has not appointed General Consultants either.

But with this massive new line about to be built as part of the 18.236 km Phase 2A and 36.511 km Phase 2B projects, they’re now seeking external PMC support through funding backed by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) which, after their Management Review Meeting on September 10, is expected to approve a $500 million (approx. Rs. 3,760 crore) loan any time now.

Tender No: BMRCL/Phase-2A & 2B/Via & Stns /PMC/2020/72

Brief Scope: Limited Project Management Consultancy (Designated Engineer) for the Civil construction works of Metro Corridor from Central Silk Board Junction to Kempegowda International Airport of Bengaluru Metro Rail Project Phase 2A & 2B.

  • Duration: 48 months
  • Date & time of submission: 19.10.2020 at 17.30 Hrs
  • Date & time of tender opening: 20.10.2020 at 15.30 hrs
Route of Bangalore Metro’s new Blue Line on the Outer Ring Road and NH-44 – view Phase 2A info and Phase 2B Info

Per the tender document, evaluation of the PMC bids will be on QCBS (Quality and Cost Based Selection) basis and Two Stage procedure shall be adopted for evaluating the proposals. The financial scores (Sf) of the bidders are to be computed as follows:

Sf = 3500 x Fm/F, where Fm is the bid value of the Lowest bidder, F is bid value of the Bidder under consideration for ascertaining the financial score.

After evaluation as above, the Bidder who secures HIGHEST COMBINED SCORE ‘S’ would be preferred as the successful Bidder.
Where, S= St + Sf
‘St’ is Technical score.
‘Sf’ is financial score.

Back in February 2020, BMRCL awarded two contracts for this new line’s Detailed Design Consultancy (DDC) service – a Rs. 8.30 crore contract to SMEC International Pty. Ltd for the Silkboard – HBR Layout section and a Rs. 6.26 crore contract to a consortium of AECOM India – Consulting Engineers Group (CEG) for the HBR Layout – Airport section.

Financial bids for Phase 2A’s construction are still yet to be opened (technical bids were opened in March to reveal 9 bidders for two packages), while the last date to submit bids for Phase 2B’s construction was recently moved to October 16. BMRCL in fact also extended the construction periods from 27 months to 30 months for Package A (KR Puram – Kempapura), and from 24 months to 27 months for Packages B and C (Kempapura – Bagalur Cross and Bagalur Cross – Airport).

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23 Responses to "BMRCL Invites PMC Bids for Bangalore Metro’s ORR – Airport Line"

  1. Siddharth says:

    All these things are fine. This line was approved in 2016. 2020 still all these things on paper is still going on. BMRCL is the worst metro organization in the country!!

    • Rajshekhar says:

      On what basis are you saying that BMRCL the worst metro? Do you know Delhi metro has taken 30 years to attain current status. On all parameters BMRCL is much better than any other metro in the country.

      • Himanshu Doria says:

        Bolne mein kya jaata hai. If people would come to know the intricate behind the scenes details, they would come to appreciate the work of bureaucrats working behind the scenes.

      • Ravinuthala Srinivasa Rao says:

        Then why Kengeri line is going very slow and Feb 20 deadline is surely missed

      • Sravan says:

        BMRCL people are salaried, and they have many challenges, they have to occupy land which is not easy and Bangalore is a rocky mountain land, and they need more bore drilling underground machines. And not easy when these types of virus hurdles.This is far better compare to other cities.

    • KIRAN N SHET says:

      Ninn thikka muchha

  2. R.Umapathy says:

    if local govt,Cooperation BMRCL present so called PMC teams, and politicos allow freedom to PMC and clear land aqiusition in time and start all packages simultaneously .with fund reserves..we can expect Metro ride to airport by Dec 2023 !! Will professionalism come into all stake holders OR we will continue to watch wishy wash attitudes..Time is Healer for People of Bangalore..God Bless Bangalore

  3. Anand says:

    Its not correct to blame BMRCL for this whole thing. Because its the Central Government that’s still not giving approval to this line

    • Himanshu Doria says:

      CG’s approval is secondary in the execution of these type of Projects. There have been several instances when approval from centre came late, even after the project tenders were awarded and loans were approved from financial institutions.

  4. S. Manikantan says:

    Karnataka is always lousy from times immemorial, when it comes to implementing projects in time. Neither the state politicians (across all parties) nor the bureaucrats are interested in completing the tasks in time. I don’t know the reasons. And people here are also mild and helpless.

    • Bheem says:

      Right from 1977 onwards and upto last 2 years, karnataka’s ruling government and CG was always opposite, and karnataka always got a raw deal.

    • Abdul Latheef says:

      Corruption here is order of the day beyond limits. While members of public , in general are mild or helpless..People in authority are too strong and exploiting this mild nature of public…. The untold standard slogan is .. you need any kind of work done (or approvals ) … from many a officials holding authority : Pay me and go ahead ORELSE Go to court and get court orders.. The people are driven to be helpless.. Please correct me if am wrong or comment on your observations.. This attitude of certain authorities is bound to indirectly influence negatively the implementation of such projects .

  5. Jaya says:

    Could you please give the station location details

  6. Ashok Kumar says:

    Hi TMRG,

    I think the approval from ADB might take another 3-4 months at least.

    The approvals came more than 3 and 4 months after the MRM for the Mumbai Metro and Delhi Meerut RRTS respectively.

    The newspapers had reported early last week that the CM had announced to open the financial tenders for the first two packages of this line (Silk Board to K R puram).

    Any news when they might open the tenders for this line or are they going to wait till the Central Govt gives it’s nod to open the tender.

    Also just out of curiosity, are they going to build the two levels/stations for the KR puram interchange in one go when the extend the purple line or will they construct another station when the build the new ORR line and then link it to the older station at a later date?

    • RUmapathy says:

      let them decide with Design teams(already in place) and future PMC. Let them take any or two stations as per analysis, cost, actual design needs..let the job begin with all help of local Govt,CG,local politicos, and Beauracrats. Let them plan the best process of construction schedules and start from Dec20 and complete/open the project in 36months..we want that..not on stations and number of stations..if BMRCL goes for new stations let them provide shortest over the ground connectivity between stations as pro commuter attitude.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, date of opening the financial bid is anyone’s guess right now. The delay is unnecessary as work can always begin with state government funds as evidenced in other metro systems around the country.

      KR Puram will have two station boxes. Civil structure of the Purple Line’s box is ready. ORR/Blue Line’s box will be built north/east of it.

  7. Kumar says:

    Could you please give the station location details

  8. Hemendra Nanavaty says:

    With the kind of response by Hardeep Singh puri for ORR AIRPORT LINE, giving no promise or timeline for approval, is it curtains for this vital Bangalore metro line?Can State go-ahead without centre’s approval?

    • TMRG says:

      It’s a typical sarkari response – nothing to do with the actual line per say. BMRCL can begin work with state government funds as evidenced in other metro systems around the country. CG will eventually approve the line, just need to be a little patient.

      • Hemendra Nanavaty says:

        Thank you for reply sir. If foreign banks are ready to provide funds for the Line, BMRCL must start construction and this line will certainly be cash cow once operational like in Delhi. So repayment of loans won’t be issue. Am I right sir in assuming so? I appreciate your response and also this blog.

  9. Mayank Gupta says:

    Hi, Is there any update over this tender? As it seems it is on Hold from long..


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