YFC Projects Wins Delhi Metro’s Sarita Vihar Depot & Ramp Work

YFC Projects Pvt. Ltd. last week emerged as the lowest bidder to construct a new cut & cover ramp and remodel Sarita Vihar Depot (Package DC-26) on Delhi Metro’s 46.63 km Violet Line (Kashmere Gate – Raja Nahar Singh in Ballabhgarh), after officials from the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) opened financial bids submitted by different infrastructure companies.

This work is part of the DMRC’s strategic plan to repurpose Sarita Vihar Depot for stabling and maintaining trains on the Phase 4 project‘s upcoming 20.201 km Silver Line which will connect Aerocity – Tughlakabad line in the future.

DMRC invited bids for Sarita Vihar Depot’s reconstruction in July with an estimated cost of Rs. 59.11 crore and expect the assigned contractor to complete all work within 730 days (2 years). Technical bids were opened in August to reveal 3 bidders, and during technical bid evaluation Vaibhav Construction’s bid was found to be technically not compliant, so their financial bid was not opened.

Financial Bid Values:

YFC Projects Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 52.41 cr
Dharamraj Contracts India Pvt. Ltd.Rs. 59.84 cr
Vaibhav Construction Pvt. Ltd.Disqualified

Contract: DC-26

Brief Scope: To Provide for maintenance facilities for the Vehicles on upcoming Tughlakhabad – Aerocity Corridor and Lajpat Nagar – Saket G Block Corridor and expansion of Depot cum workshop at Sarita Vihar. The civil work including Depot development works is to be undertaken in this contract consists of construction of Ramp, Demolition and restoration of Blower Room, Civil works for Shifting of ETP, Road Works, Railing Works etc. including all the Design of temporary works to be undertaken by a designer under arrangement of contractor.

Sarita Vihar Depot – built in the 124.93 km Phase 2 project – is located about 1.3 km away, as the crow flies, from the planned location of the new Tughlakabad Station. The construction of twin tunnels leading to it, likely using 1 tunnel boring machine, will be part of a separate civil package.

Line’s route at the Tughlakabad end of the line with the location of the Sarita Vihar Depot – view Delhi Metro Phase 4 info & route map
New layout of the Sarita Vihar Depot (view large) – Copyright: DMRC
Violet Line’s Sarita Vihar Depot shot in 2015 – Photo Copyright: K Asif / Daily Mail

Per the tender documents, here’s the brief work content:

  • Cut and Cover Ramp by using Top-Down and Bottom up Technology including Waterproofing
  • Road Works for New Development and Restoration
  • Subgrade preparation works for new Stabling Line
  • Civil Works for Shifting of Existing ETP to a new Location including dismantling
  • Railing Works in Depot Area
  • Other development works

If no issues arise during financial bid evaluation, then YFC Projects will go on to be awarded with Package DC-26’s contract with a completion period of 730 days (2 years). When awarded, this will be their second civil contract in the Phase 4 project after having been awarded the Silver Line’s 4.28 km elevated Package DC-04 (Sangam – Saket G-Block) in December 2019 for which they began casting U-girders in August.

To maintain the Violet Line’s train maintenance/stabling capacity, Ajronda Depot’s capacity will be increased simultaneously under Package DC-25 for which Ghaziabad Mechfab Pvt. Ltd. emerged as the lowest bidder earlier this month. A Detailed Design Consultant (DDC) will be appointed for both depots’ remodeling work and the DMRC received three bids in early-October.

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4 Responses to "YFC Projects Wins Delhi Metro’s Sarita Vihar Depot & Ramp Work"

  1. Pankaj says:

    Hi TMRG,

    Please help us in knowing the status of below points:
    1) Status of UG section tenders of aerocity-tughlakabad corridor and JICA loan
    2) Whether silver line will have an interchange with yellow line either at saket or chattarpur? For Janakpuri- R K Ashram route we all know all interchange with existing lines. Why so much problem for dmrc in publishing whether there is an interchange with yellow line with silver line or not?
    3) In influence NOC Zones map on dmrc website some of the initial stations from Tughlaqabad side are removed on silver line. This line was passed by delhi govt n centre last year in March 2019. Why still no clarity on route or no. of stations?
    4) No clarity whether it will go till domestic terminal or not? First time i am so ambiguity about any metro line in any phase in delhi.

    Pankaj Sharma

    • TMRG says:

      Hi –
      1) Notice is pending. The document is ready and will be published after JICA-DMRC-GOI strike a deal and JICA gives the go-ahead. A formal agreement doesn’t have to be signed for this step to happen.

      2) Influence zone map shows a station at Chhatarpur. The outline of it appears only after zooming in all the way.

      3) Really not sure why those stations are not displayed. IT guy probably unselected a group of stations to display, I’d guess.

      4) It won’t go to the Airport for now probably because DIAL has a people-mover system planned to connect Aerocity-T1. See: https://themetrorailguy.com/delhi-air-train-info-route-map-fares-tenders-updates/

  2. Abhishek Threja says:

    South delhi mp said thet government agrees for its extensention from tuglakabad to jaitpur.

    • AMIT KUMAR says:

      No, it’s not as per DMRC project, but project submitted by Rites on connecting the Jewar airport with IGI, it will might be through this line.
      You can read it in few days back Indian Express newspaper.


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