BMRCL Planning 2 Lines in Bangalore Metro’s Phase 3

Per the Bangalore Metro Rail Corporation Ltd (BMRCL)’s latest annual report for the year 2019-20, the operator is officially exploring to build just two corridors totaling 42 kms in Bangalore Metro’s Phase 3 project.

The 2 lines and their lengths as shared in the past are:

  • Hebbal to JP Nagar along the Outer Ring Road’s western section (assigned as Orange Line in 2019, approx. 30 kms)
  • Toll Gate (Hosahalli Station) to Kadabagere (approx. 12 kms)

Both lines were announced in March 2020 by Karnataka’s Chief Minister for development as metrolite (light rail transit) lines through the public private partnership (PPP) model. Since then, they’ve featured multiple times in news reports, but this is the first official confirmation into what the BMRCL is precisely cooking in the upcoming phase 3 – straight from the horse’s mouth.

Here’s the exact snippet from page 36 of the annual report which indicates RITES is preparing Phase 3’s Detailed Project Report with an aim to complete it in Q1 2021.

The Preparatory work for Phase-3 of Metro Project has concurrently been taken up. The preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) for two corridors of 42 km from JP Nagar to Hebbal (Corridor-1) along Outer Ring Road (ORR West) and on Magadi road from Toll gate (Hosahalli Metro Station) to Kadabagere (Corridor-2) on Peripheral Ring Road has been assigned to M/s. RITES Ltd and work is being commenced at site.

The consultant for the Detailed Project Report (DPR) has been asked to analyse various options regarding the type of Metro system and viability of PPP models. The DPR is expected to be available during first quarter of 2021.

Key: Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 2A | Phase 2B | Phase 3

Back in 2016, BMRCL through RITES had prepared the project’s pre-feasibility report and identified the following corridors totaling 105 km:

  • Nagawara – Airport (23 km)
  • Carmelaram – Yelahanka (32 km)
  • Marathahalli – Hosakerehalli (21 km)
  • Silkboard – KR Puram – Hebbal (29 km)

In 2018, BMRCL’s MD identified the following additional corridors for Phase 3, with a primary aim to connect the city’s suburbs:

  • Gottigere to Basavapura (extension of Pink Line)
  • RK Hegde Nagar to Aerospace Park
  • Kogilu Cross to Rajanukunte
  • Bommasandra to Attibele (extension of Yellow Line; dropped in March 2020)
  • Iblur to Carmelaram

It’s safe to say that all of the above new lines or extensions are not being pursued anymore and have been officially canceled – either due to poor ridership projections or funding-related concerns.

That said, things change all the time. BMRCL’s focus is currently entirely on the 73.92 km Phase 2, with an eye on the 18.2 km Phase 2A and 37 km Phase 2B which combined together are about as large. By the time they focus on Phase 3’s development – which I imagine is 5 years away – some of the above lines could possibly be re-added into the mix of official plans.

For more updates, check out the Bangalore section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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32 Responses to "BMRCL Planning 2 Lines in Bangalore Metro’s Phase 3"

  1. KT Rahul says:

    Useless people. I was looking forward to Hebbal – Carmelaram which was passing thru city center. Even Marathahalli – Hosakerehalli was a good option. You cannot go wrong with either.

    • Sravan says:

      Here politics plays more important whatever you scream. This is not taken with public interest. Money 💰 plays more important.

      • V krishnaswamy says:

        Gone are the days,when any public utility was for public welfare or convenience.In future,no government will be spending from its treasury.Any project will be on the basis of viability or PPP or on world bank funding,with an eye on revenue generation.Any party in opposition,will behave like good samaritans.

      • Surya says:

        Yeah that’s the problem with these politicians. They don’t care about the welfare of the people. They only care about money

  2. Anonymous says:

    Any update on green line extension? And also Will the new corridors be metrolite or normal metro?

    • TMRG says:

      Waiting for inauguration date to be finalized. Will post when I hear something 🙂

      New lines were announced as metrolite. RITES’ DPR will offer suggestions and then BMRCL will have to decide.

  3. Aneesh says:

    Disappointing!! Chennai’s Phase 2 is 118 km. Why is ours so small? Why is our Phase 3 even smaller?

  4. Anurag Kumar says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Any update on Patna metro..I think the pilling work for the pillars has started.While passing through the are of Bypass road we can see that piling machine digging up holes.
    Is there any update you have on this topic.

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, I’m trying to arrange for some images. Please mail me if you have some and I can feature them.

      • Merry says:

        Why can’t you also focus on recent article written by some news media regarding restriction on migration of employees in between KRIDE and BMRCL.

  5. Clevin Gomes says:

    TMRG, when BEML will rollout the 1st trainsets of Mumbai Metro from their Banglore Factory?. It’s 3rd week of Dec and there are literally no news of it.

  6. Santhosh says:

    Every city has realized the potential benefits of a train system except Bangalore. Cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi will be having somewhere between 500 to 1000 kms of intra-city train networks in next few years while Bangalore will still be struggling with traffic with just 200 kms of train network. May be lobbyists from cabs, BMTC, Auto Rickshaws etc.., are lobbying for delayed metro expansion. A city with 1.3 crore population needs a larger train network for sure. None of the political parties in the state are interested to expand the network.

  7. Venkatesh says:

    Please can anyone tell is there any metro project/ plans near Bannerghatta Jigani main road.

  8. Samyak. says:

    Hi TMRG,
    Taking into consideration of the present development rate of the Phase 2 and the infamous deadline-missing actions of BMRCL, can we guess the Phase 3 to be implemented completely by 2030-35? Or will it take longer or sooner? Probably the former.

  9. Parthasarathy MP says:

    It is a tragedy to drop the new metro lines corridor Carmaeloram (sarjapur road) to Hebbal. In this route buses are also limited. Hope BMRCL reconsider the decision.

  10. KNL Prasad says:

    Sir, when is New Green line metro from yelechenahalli to Anjanapura would be starting. Also I wanted to know any further extension in Kanakapura Road.

  11. KNL Prasad says:

    Sir, New Green line metro is upto Art of living Kanakapura Road??

  12. SHAM says:

    TMRG – I think there is an error on the map. The ORR line on the south needs to be extended till Gottigere-Nagawara line where the JPNagar 4th ph station is coming up. Else, the ORR line will just be 26km. The other line is only just over 12km even if it extends beyond Magadi road up to Raghavendra Colony, Kadabagere.

  13. Sathish G says:

    There will be better riders from if you extend from Madavara to nelamangala..

  14. Pradeep says:

    Is it possible to provide combined map of Metro and Suburban routes for Bengaluru

  15. Shivaram says:

    Initiate Hebbal-Majestic and Hebbal-Goragunte palya lines..

  16. Venkatesalu says:

    It is needed to have metro train from Majestic to Kempegowda International Airport via Hebbal & Yelahanka because Majestic comes under central part of the city and connectivity spreads over all directions.

  17. Amar says:

    It is very strange to note that BMRCL removed the most busiest plan between Bommasandra to Attibele….work on KR puram to HSR has not yet started,they could have made significant progress in absence of IT crowd in te last 6 months

  18. Ravi says:

    No much progress in bannerghatta road compared to last year simplex infrastructure is working on Bannerghatta road. No man power. The way its progressing looks like they will not finish in another 5 years. 1 or max 2 person will be working in one pillar to do job how they can do.

  19. Hanumantha Raju says:

    It is the history of BMRCL that no proper planning and then execution of projects. By this huge population in Bengaluru BMRCL would have achieved many thanks if proper planning was there. They should first connect routes in outer and peripheral ring roads. Also densely middle class populated Magadi road up to Tavarekere. But even if they start now it will take minimum five years to complete. If delay in starting the work then ….???!!.

  20. PB says:

    We still have time to build parking (MLCPs) at major stations like Hebbal where space is available. The last mile issue still remains. The pay and use bikes and cycles can’t serve all age groups. Auto rickshaw stands don’t work as a reliable long term solution.

  21. Nagaraja says:

    when kengeri line open to public

  22. Rishi says:

    BMRCL told these 2 lines are their priority. Other lines are also in the pipeline. They never cancelled other lines.

  23. paddy says:

    the way metro projects are aligned is only with how much money the ruling party can make. Before they announce the decision on alignment the politicians buy land and then announce the same..

  24. Suwin says:

    There was a mention of the Kadugodi metro extension to Hoskote which is also missing in Phase 3. Don’t understand why far East Bangalore misses the bus again. Idea was socialised with the Hon MP as well and was supposed to be reviewed

  25. Irshad says:

    Why not a metro for Hoskote in phase 3 , after the request of the cabinet minister MTB nagraj


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