Mumbai Metro Line-2’s 1st BEML Train Gets Ready for Delivery

Here’s the first look of Mumbai Metro Line-2’s first train getting ready to roll out from BEML’s manufacturing facility in CV Raman Nagar, Bangalore anytime now.

BEML is producing a total of 96 new train-sets as part of contract MRS1 awarded by the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) in November 2018 to operate on Mumbai Metro’s upcoming 18.6 Line-2A (Yellow Line) and 16.5 km Line-7 (Red Line). Needless to say, in the future these will go on to service each line’s extension as well (Line-2B, Line-7A & Line-9).

Per an industry source, under pressure from the MMRDA, the first train to be sent to Mumbai will be unwired and all internal wiring will be performed by BEML’s employees locally at Charkop Depot. A report in HT, shared by follower Clevin, also confirmed critical components are stuck in Japan. I believe these must be propulsion-related from Hitachi.

January 16 Update: MMRDA’s chief has confirmed to Tanushree Venkatraman at HT that the first train will reach Mumbai around January 27-28 and pending work will be completed in Mumbai:

Ten trains are ready at the manufacturing depot in BEML. The first train will reach Mumbai by road on January 27-28, post which some minor works will be undertaken at the depot itself.

Here’s a snap shared by a follower:

Line-2’s first train

Here’s a list of all orders DMRC has placed with BEML after they emerged as the lowest bidder for rolling stock package MRS1 in 2018. A total of 576 (96 train-sets) are on order:

  • Contract MRS1 – 378 coach order (63 train-sets) valued at Rs 3015 cr – LOA issued in November 2018
  • Additional Order – 126 coach order (21 train-sets) valued at Rs. 834 cr – LOA issued in August 2019
  • Additional Order – 72 coach order (12 train-sets) valued at Rs. 501 cr – LOA issued in November 2020

Like the Delhi Metro’s new Hyundai Rotem trains for the new Pink & Magenta lines, these trains will be capable of running without an operator or ‘driverless’ on the unattended train operation (UTO) mode. Major technical details of Mumbai’s MRS1 train-sets can be viewed here.

A model coach was unveiled in September 2019 at Akurli Station while the first train-set’s body shell was ready in January 2020 – see some snaps here.

Model Coach – Photo Copyright: PIB India

As shared back in 2020, here’s a table listing the coaches’ dimensions. Note they’ll be 3.2 meters wide similar to the CRRC stock on the 11.4 km Line-1:

Both Line-2A and Line-7’s current publicly announced deadline is May 2021, and as we move closer to that time period, a new deadline will likely be announced conveniently blaming the delays on COVID-19. At this time, I do not see either line getting operational before 2022 as there’s just far too much civil and system work pending – see my Twitter handle for images.

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16 Responses to "Mumbai Metro Line-2’s 1st BEML Train Gets Ready for Delivery"

  1. Nikhil Duggal says:


  2. Rupraj Sengupta says:

    Line 3 rolling stock contract awarded or not i can’t recall!

  3. Anurag Kumar says:

    Drainage works on New ISBT to Patna Station of corridor-2 of Phase-I of Patna MRTS.Here what’s the need for a drainage system..Is this drainage is for metro corridors or beside road.. Please explain me.

    • TMRG says:

      If it rains, you need a simple drainage system at each station and pier to drain out the water into the local city drainage system.

  4. JSR Murthy says:

    These indigenous trains must be cheaper than the imported Alstom etc.
    Central and state gov should give orders to beml bhel so that india does not spend in high foreign currencies
    Everything should come under make India

    • Edwin says:

      Alstom has more than one manufacturing site in In India , and has made trains in INDIA for all parts of the world .

      • Pranit says:

        So ? Does not make them Indian coaches. You want to develop the tech too or are happy with foreign players assembling their coaches here in India ? You can never compare BEML’s attemp to make indigenous coaches with that of Alstom’s local assembly.

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      Alstom have a metro manufacturing unit in Sri City in Andhra Pradesh and a Locomotive rail factory in Bihar for DFC’s. They all use indian components as much as possible

      • Pranit says:

        so what man ? Are you seriously comparing BEML indigenous design with that of a foreign design with local assembly ? Lets say tomorrow we want to win worldwide contracts, how will you do that ? Oh yes, Alstom. Lets call Alstom export from India as Indian export and be happy about it. Grow a brain man.

  5. Hemendra says:

    @TMRG even though the deadline may bw May 2021 and they may be pressurizing the contractors, the real aim is to start something just before BMC elections (Feb’22). So if they start in Jan 22, which portions of Line 2 & Line 7 they can operate and how many trains will be available to start the operations?

    • TMRG says:

      Line-2: Dahanukarwadi – Dahisar East (confirmed)
      Line-7: Dahisar East – Aarey (unconfirmed, but the crossover is at Aarey)

      Both are 8-9 kms long.

      They will need a minimum total of 20 trains to run respectable high frequency services.

  6. Nikunj Mendapara says:



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