NMRC Cancels Noida Metro’s Tender for 3rd Time

Here we go again. Noida Metro Rail Corporation (NMRC) on Thursday canceled the civil tendering process for constructing a 9.605 km elevated extension of Noida Metro’s Aqua Line from Noida Sector-51 to Greater Noida Sector-2.

This is the third time bidding has been cancelled for this section of the 29.7 km Aqua Line’s 14.95 km eastern extension (Sector 51 to Knowledge Park V) which was approved for construction by Uttar Pradesh government in December 2019.

Bids for construction were re-invited in November-end 2020 with a Rs. 491.99 crore estimate and 24 month deadline. Technical bids were opened on December 18 to reveal 2 bidders – Sam India Builtwell and GR Infraprojects.

The official reason for canceling they’ve provided is: “Due to administrative reasons the above tender in reference stands cancelled“, which is the exact verbiage used to cancel prior rounds.

Tender No: NMRC/Civil/NGNC/123R1/2020

Contract: NGNC-01

Brief Scope: Part Design and Construction of Elevated Viaduct and 5 elevated stations viz NOIDA SEC -122, NOIDA SEC-123 GR. NOIDA SEC-4 ECOTECH-12 GR NOIDA SEC-2 (excluding Architectural finishing Works and PEB works of stations) from Chainage 0.00 m to Chainage 9605 m of Noida -Greater Noida Metro Rail Project.

This package consists of 5 elevated stations at Noida Sector 122, Noida Sector 123, Greater Noida Sector 4, Ecotech 12 (Tech Zone) and Greater Noida Sector 2.

Indicative location of stations between Noida Sector 51 & Greater Noida Sector 2 – view Noida Metro info & map

1st Round: NMRC had originally invited tenders in May 2020, received bids from 3 firms (1 of which was not a construction firm), and canceled the tender in July to seek a better response.

2nd Round: NMRC re-invited tenders in September 2020, received two bids from Sam India and GR Infraprojects in mid-November, and canceled the tender in November-end.

With this, we’re now staring a 4th round of bidding. Unless NMRC relaxes conditions (duration and timelines for key milestones) with respect to the estimate, I don’t know how different the response is going to be. If that’s not done, the construction industry’s leading firms will simply prefer sitting out.

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26 Responses to "NMRC Cancels Noida Metro’s Tender for 3rd Time"

  1. Abhi says:

    Reason must be ‘transaction’ related

  2. Hari Puttar says:

    what do you think what may be the reason bcz its now cancelled for 3rd time

    • TMRG says:

      Not sure. Perhaps we’ll know more if a brave journalist out there can ask NMRC what’s cooking.

    • Sudhanshu Sharma says:

      NMRC,s incompetence is one reason for sure.

      Lack of funds might be another

      Metro might not be a priority in agenda of UP Govt.

  3. Abhinav says:

    Noida Metro authority arr making joke of themselves.

  4. Himanshu Doria says:

    I think they should gauge the concerns of the major infra firms before initiating tendering process.

  5. Ankit Suman says:

    What is the reason , it’s being long the line is pending..

  6. Abhishek says:

    I booked flat in Noida extension in 2012 after the plan for metro was approved Now its 2021 but still there is no sign of metro despite of various fake promises and many failed tenders. Hope it may get built one day!!!

  7. Jhinga says:

    Diplomacy and Corruption can also be a possible reason for delay.l on approval of Tenders

  8. ashutosh says:

    Govt depts… as usual

  9. Anjani Pathak says:

    This is going no where, pure corruption matter here.

  10. Brijesh Kumar says:

    As usual ,failure once more.

  11. Anil says:

    NMRC was formed by over enthusiactic IAS lobby to mint money out of metro while they did not have technical capability to handle. UP government should scrap this NMRC which will become corruption den in future and simply hand over metro project to DMRC. Local population is suffering who is responsible for this delay or who will be penalized. None, this is how Indian administration work. No one is responsible for delay and cost escalation. Corruption is too deep in admunstration

  12. L D S says:

    All are fail should be given to Delhi metro

  13. Brajesh says:

    NMRC will wait till 2022, in 2023 they will start work to catch maximum vote. Secondary, non technical IAS officers are taking responsibility to complete technical work. Third, might be fund issues.

  14. Prashant says:

    Unless they merge their aqua line with DMRC blue line with one card, this line cannot become profitable. It’s management is most corrupt and has taken granted the end users, it has never reached to its potential and coaches still go vacant even in peak time…Shame on NMRC..U make headline by just celebrating birthdays, shooting, or renaming pink stations..just all PR… डूब मरो

  15. Punit says:

    This project is just a fraud by yogi govt to attract people to invest in Greater Noida west

  16. Manas says:

    Can we raise this issue strongly to UP govt.we need metro as early as possible in this crowded area day by day now and this is not such big line if we compare aqua for gr.noida …..

  17. Kumar says:

    Greater Noida West is perhaps the best place for residing due to all high rise gated society & also affordability for all section of society. It is also best because of so many commercial high rise stores coming up, besides opening of Gaur City Mall & Few branded Restaurant, it is very very difficult to ferry between Noida to Greater Noida West as no good transport is available presently. Unlike NOIDA where METRO & DTC are available, here it only Autorickshaw which are available and that the way they ferry with so many passenger it is too risky. The Best way to bring already the approved project of NOIDA Metro to Greater Noida West ( First Phase) NMRC should request Delhi Metro to complete the project which they can do it within 2 years. Hope the Govt & the authorities will take immediate decision in this regard.

  18. Kartar singh says:

    Really shocking .
    NMRC not looking to the interest of public continence . NMRC stopped the city bus service for the commuters to noida west , parichok etc. Who is responsible

  19. Santosh Kumar says:

    DMRC ,Ko de Dena chahiye aur sabhi metro ek saman hi hona chahiye pure NCR me DMRC sabhi metro ek dusre se link aur ek hi card ek hi rate

  20. Mr.singh says:

    I want to know why nmrc neglecting Paramount golf forest ZETA 1 as a metro station,
    Sabse zada population hai yaha ka, dekha jaaye to yaha jaada jaruri hai metro ka,
    AVJ, design arch, Paramount jaise bde bde area hai ek baar ispr bhi dhyaan Dena chahiye NMRC ko sirf paiso pr hi dhyaan naa de

  21. klk says:

    Seems responsible department is not anserable to anyone. They must be penalyzed for such delays. But the one who has to make such acts is busy calculating votes in comming elections

  22. Diwakar says:

    It’s jokes for greater Noida extension residence facilities through UP govtSeems responsible department is not answerable to anyone. They must be penalized for such delays. But the one who has to make such acts is busy calculating votes in comming elections

  23. Basant says:

    Atleast the concerned department must issue an update regarding this delay…

  24. Gunjeev Kalra says:

    Respected Sir/M’aam
    Metro to aani se Rahi
    Bus service hih chala de plying between Gaur City 1 &Noida
    COVID se Pehle to ply kar rahi thi..
    Agar karenge to commuters ke liye Mehrbani hogi

    Foot over bridge hoh to Gaur City1 ke liye to kuch paidal chalne wale yatri ke liye seholiyat hoh jayege


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