SECON Begins Mumbai – Nagpur High Speed Rail’s LiDAR Survey

SECON – Helica JV on Friday started light detection and ranging (LiDAR) survey work to help finalize the alignment of the 741 km Mumbai – Nagpur High Speed Rail (MNHSR bullet train) project which will connect both cities through 12 stations in Maharashtra.

The LiDAR surveying method involves using laser enabled equipment mounted on a helicopter or plane, and for this high speed line’s survey – the consortium used a 4 seater propeller plane after receiving the Ministry of Defence’s approval subject to the compliance of strict conditions.

Photo Copyright: NHSRCL

Per NHRSCL’s press release:

The ground survey is a crucial activity for any linear infrastructure project as the survey provides accurate details of areas around the alignment. This technique uses a combination of Laser data, GPS data, flight parameters and actual photographs to give accurate survey data.

During the Aerial LiDAR survey, 150 mtrs of area around the proposed alignment is being captured for the survey purpose. After the collection of data, Three Dimensional (3D) Topographical map of corridor of the proposed alignment on a scale of 1:2500 will be available for designing of the vertical & horizontal alignment, structures, location of the stations and depots, Land requirement for the corridor, identification of project affected plots/structures, Right of Way etc

To provide clear pictures of the structures, trees and other minute ground details,100 megapixel cameras are being used for the LiDAR survey.

Photo Copyright: NHSRCL

The contract for this survey, to help prepare the line’s Detailed Project Report (DPR), was awarded to SECON – Helica JV in January with a value of Rs. 14.25 crore and completion period of 150 days after they emerged as its lowest bidder among 4 firms in October 2020.

News Station on Youtube posted this video with some nice aerial views:

This new high speed rail line will connect Mumbai and Nagpur through 12 new stations tentatively located at Shahapur, Igatputi, Nasik, Shirdi, Aurangabad, Jalna, Mehkar, Malegaon Jahangir, Karanja Lad, Pulgaon, Wardha and Nagpur.

The finalization of its alignment is months, if not years, away but the line is expected to partly follow the under construction 701 km Samruddhi Mahamarg Expressway (Nagpur Mumbai Super Communication Expressway) which will connect 10 districts of the state.

Indicative alignment of the Mumbai – Nasik – Nagpur High Speed Rail line – view information & route map

The results from SECON-Helica’s survey and other survey / design work will go into preparing the first draft of this line’s DPR which I expect would get ready towards the end of the year for dissemination and feedback from NHSRCL’s board members and other local stakeholders.

With this development – LiDAR surveying work has been confirmed to start on 2 out of the 7 new HSR lines (not including Mumbai – Ahmedabad Bullet Train). The other one is the 865 km Delhi – Varanasi High Speed Rail (DVHSR Bullet Train) where survey work began in December.

Lines where LiDAR work hasn’t been reported to start:

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14 Responses to "SECON Begins Mumbai – Nagpur High Speed Rail’s LiDAR Survey"

  1. Ulhas kakde says:

    या मैप आहे का

  2. Andy says:

    Any updates about map or route?

  3. Amittabha Datta says:

    Please give updates about tunneling by TBM URVi for line 2 of Kolkata metro and construction of shaft at Durga pathari lane, where TBM disaster happened in 2019.
    TBM URVI is on its final section tunneling froim Sealdah to disaster site shaft. But no news since 40 days.

  4. Sachin R Polas says:

    Will it take 6 months to complete (LiDAR) survey Mumbai – Nagpur High Speed Rail (MNHSR bullet train) ?
    When will publish map of final route ?
    All the best for Dream project .

    • TMRG says:

      LiDAR survey’s data collection was completed between March 12-15. Data processing / report prep will take time.

      I don’t know if / when NHSRCL will publish final route map.

  5. Prashant says:

    Is route confirm

  6. Nishant says:

    Any update on map?

  7. Sudhir dolas says:

    Any new update on mumbai-nagpur lidar survey?

    • TMRG says:

      Long completed. Results must have already been shared with NHSRCL. Don’t think us, the general public, will ever get to see them.


    Any new update on mumbai-nagpur lidar survey?
    News paper matter
    Mumbai-Nagpur Bullet Train Project: Soon, the cities of Mumbai and Nagpur in Maharashtra are likely to see high-speed rail connectivity! A Detailed Project Report (DPR) is being prepared by the National High-Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) for the proposed 766 kilometre long bullet train corridor between Mumbai and Nagpur. The DPR for the high-speed rail corridor is likely to be submitted to the government in early next year. According to officials, for the Mumbai-Nagpur bullet train project, a series of surveys, including the aerial survey, lidar survey, social impact assessment (SIA) as well as environmental impact assessment (EIA), have been completed. The collected data is being analyzed for the Detailed Project Report, an official was quoted saying in an IE report.

    The Mumbai-Nagpur Bullet Train project will pass through as many as 10 districts. In some districts, land would be needed to be acquired for the project, according to officials. The Mumbai-Nagpur Bullet Train project is aimed at reducing the time of travel between the two cities in Maharashtra by over 50 per cent. At present, it takes nearly 12 hours to reach Nagpur from the financial capital by road, and the high-speed rail corridor project is expected to reduce the travel time to four hours, an official said. Once the project is sanctioned by the government, the further procedure will be decided, the official added.

    According to officials, the possibility of running high-speed trains parallel to Mumbai-Nagpur Samruddhi Mahamarg are being explored as well. Currently, a six-lane 700 km of expressway between Mumbai and Nagpur is being constructed by the Maharashtra State Road Development Corporation.


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