Mumbai Metro Line-10 & Line-12’s General Consultant Bids Invited

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) today invited tenders to appoint a General Consultant (GC) for civil & system works of Mumbai Metro‘s 9.20 km Line-10 (Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk) and 20.7 km Line-12 (Kalyan – Taloja).

The appointment of a dedicated General Consultant to assist MMRDA is expected to pave the way for both lines’ speedy implementation through assistance in design, supervision, safety, quality control and contract management.

MMRDA had originally invited GC bids in July 2020 from global engineering and consultancy firms for just civil work. AECOM emerged as the preferred bidder in December 2020, but a contract wasn’t awarded for reasons unknown to me. The new tender’s scope includes both civil and system integration work.

Tender No: MMRDA/Metro- PIU/0002141

Brief Scope: GC-07A Appointment of General Consultant for Civil and System works of Mumbai Metro Line 10 (Gaimukh – Shivaji Chowk (Mira Road) and Mumbai Metro Line 12 (Kalyan- Taloja) of Mumbai Metro Rail Project of MMRDA, Mumbai.

  • Completion Period: 54 months
  • Documents on Sale: 15.02.2022 (1100 hrs) to 25.03.2022 (1800 hrs)
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 28.02.2022 (11.00 hrs)
  • Submission Deadline: 31.03.2022 (1800 hrs)
  • Technical Bid Opening: 04.04.2022 (11.00 hrs)
Indicative routes of Mumbai Metro’s Line-10 and Line-12 – view Mumbai Metro route map & information

The GC’s selection will be made on QCBS (Quality cum Cost Basis System) method with the winner scoring the highest points in Technical and Financial evaluation combined together.

Mumbai Metro’s Line-10 will be built as a western extension of the 35.2 km Line-4/4A (Green Line) with 4 stations at Gaimukh Reti Bundar, Varsova Char Phata, Kashimira, Shivaji Chowk.

Line-12 will be built as a 20.75 km southern extension of the 24.95 km Line-5 (Orange Line) with 17 stations at Ganesh Nagar, Pisvali Gaon, Golavali, Dombivli MIDC, Sagaon, Sonarpada, Manpada, Hedutane, Kolegaon, Nilaje Gaon, Vadavali, Bale, Waklan, Turbhe, Pisarve Depot, Pisarve, Taloja. The line’s depot is planned at Pisarve.

At this point of time, I don’t see the tendering process starting for either line’s civil construction before mid-2023.

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41 Responses to "Mumbai Metro Line-10 & Line-12’s General Consultant Bids Invited"

  1. Ritvick Ghosh says:

    Are they serious about implementing Line 11 (Wadala-GPO)? This goes through really populated areas and should be implemented before Line 12 in my opinion because the second phase of Line 5 is still uncertain and would not provide any connection with 12!

    • TMRG says:

      Haven’t seen any movement on Line 11 in the past 2 years. It’s almost as if MMRDA & state government aren’t interested. I’m rooting for it for the same reason you mentioned!

      • Ritvick Ghosh says:

        It looks that way doesn’t it? Recently I came to know that Central Railway is going to procure only AC locals in the future for it’s lines and gradually replace it’s existing trains. I guess the powers that be see it as a replacement for the metro route.

        • Aryan says:

          Line 11 might take some time in my opinion because there are lot of Tenders which need to be issued for Upcoming Metro Lines especially 5 & 6 including Depot issues of various lines. Afcons is working very fast on Thane-Bhiwandi (metro 5) Route they should finalize Bhiwandi-Kalyan Route. They first need invite tender for Line 5 & 6 Train Sets & should sort out depot issues

      • Yogesh says:

        There were already lots of problems on line 11. Notably the issue of money between Port Trust and MMRDA.

        From what I have heard last time Line 11 was supposed to go from beneath P. D’mello Rd. And at the same time Central Railways was planning to shift Harbor Line from current alignment to above P. D’mello Rd.

        Do you have any updates on Central Railway plan or any updates on it? No one seems to be covering it much same for Kurla elevated stn & Kalwa Airoli line.

    • Vilas Raje says:

      No one is interested in ANY metro line. Current pet project is costal road. All Metro lines are in Back Burner.. In 54 months even a simple flyover does not get completed in Mumbai. Check out any last 5 flyover projects.

  2. Snowofx says:

    Isn’t Line 12 one of the lines made to benefit LODHA Palava city? other line being Line 14. Both of the lines intersect near Palava. Being a MP does help your business a lot.

  3. Crystal clear says:

    Still nothing on line 13?

  4. Rohan Khandelwal says:

    Any update on the line 3 car shed project? Why do I see videos on YouTube about trial runs being started? Are they going ahead with it?

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      I think the state Govt. is committed to built Aarey Carshed, but not right now. That’s why they are Constructing a Temporary Stabling Yard to conduct Trial Runs. But Commercial Operations will start only when Aarey Depot will Complete

      • Pratish Shetty says:

        I think the State Government has build the depot in Aarey itself without making a public announcement so as to start the commercial operations and would leave it upto to next government to scale up the shed after 2024.This is will be the same disaster as Monorail where the frequency of trains will be 20 mins which will lead to crowding.

  5. Viraj says:

    Hey TMRG,
    Just some unasked advice for your website,

    – Do not let users use Ad Blockers. As most news websites don’t.
    – If possible may it will increase your user base.
    – you can also make app.

    • TMRG says:

      Hey great suggestions – thanks!

      1) Site has an old theme. I’ll need to find something that is compatible.
      2) I’d rather maintain one site
      3) I’ve thought about this, but don’t see value

  6. Aryan says:

    Hey TMRG any update on remaining 2 breakthrough’s of Metro 3?

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      TBM Tansa 1 has Started Tunneling works on 20th December 2021 and Tansa 2 Started on 15th January 2022. MMRCL Expected to Conclude Tunneling work Probably by March or May 2022

      • TMRG says:

        Clevin – has MMRC said this or is this your opinion?

        • Clevin Gomes says:

          No, but there’s a Youtuber who is a MMRCL Worker, he said that Tansa 1 has started Tunneling From December 2021 end and Tansa 2 was expect to start its Tunneling From 15th January 2022. Yeah, Breakthrough deadline is my opinion, I m sending the link of that video. This might should help

  7. Tunnel Man says:

    About line 10 and 12 , it’s a retender as last awarded GC to Aecom was scrapped due to major lapses in the tendering process . Aecom systra ayesa DB LBG Egis along with there respective betting sub consultants always use unethical means to gap up the evaluation process.

    Hope this time the process is fair and transparent.

    • TMRG says:

      I hear – and this remains unconfirmed – it was due to AECOM Asia (HK) involvement which has significant Chinese influence in its board

  8. Johnson Ratnam says:

    When is line towards Vasai Virar start?

  9. Mini says:

    Why is the completion period mentioned in the tender???? None of the metro work is completed in the stipulated period…new Mumbai metro work started in 2011….still not yet completed… similarly rest of the metro work

  10. Hari Puttar says:

    Hello TMRG
    Tender for tracks of Indore and Bhopal metro has been launched .
    After you see the tender documents
    Can please answer why different grades of track for Indore and Bhopal .

  11. Shashank says:

    What is that red line going through Koparkhairne, is there any news about this line ?

    • Clevin Gomes says:

      That’s Line 14 (Magenta Line) this will run at a length of 45Kms From Vikroli to Badlapur via Koparkairne. Once Built, commuters From Ambernath and Badlapur will reach Mumbai Directly without using Longer and Indirect Existing Central Railway Line. DPR is Not yet Revealed, but as per my opinion. The Line will run Almost Elevated whereas the line should run Underground at Badlapur Section, it will also Run Underground below Vashi Creek to prevent removal of Mangroves.

  12. Ajinkya Desai says:

    Was technical bid opened yesterday?

  13. Suresh Madhwani says:

    any updates about bidders and who won


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