L&T’s Bangalore Metro TBM Lavi Records Breakthrough at RMS

Larsen & Toubro’s Tunnel Boring Machine Lavi (DZ672) on Wednesday recorded its second breakthrough at Rashtriya Military School Station on Bangalore Metro’s 21.386 km Pink Line (Reach 6).

This was TBM Lavi’s final breakthrough as well as L&T’s final of 4 tunnel breakthroughs planned for Bangalore Metro Phase 2 project’s 2.755 km Package RT-02 connecting Shivaji Nagar – MG Road – Rashtriya Military School (formerly Vellara Road / National Military School).

After its first breakthrough at MG Road Station in April 2022, this CRCHI slurry machine was commissioned in May 2022 to build the onward 1134m down-line tunnel towards Rashtriya Miliatary School Station.

Photo via BMRCL

L&T’s official tunneling estimate at the start of the drive was 331 days which was conquered in 260 days.

Route of RT-02 from Shivajinagar to National Military School – view Bangalore Metro Phase 2 info & route map
Photo via Amit K Sharma

Lavi’s job is now complete! It’s become the 4th of 9 machines, after Varada, Avni and Urja, to finish all of its tunneling assignments.

Here’s a roughly 3 hour video of the event. Skip to the 24:40 mark to see a layout of RMS Station and then 43:40 for drone views of the station’s site.

BMRCL’s press release indicates approximately 72% of tunneling work has been completed for Phase 2 (total scope: 21,245m).

L&T’s TBM Vindhya is now next in line to make a breakthrough later this month at Shadi Mahal Shaft from Pottery Station (688m). That’ll be the 6th and final one for Package RT-03 (Shadi Mahal Shaft – Shivajinagar)

With this development, a total of 18 out of 26 tunnel breakthroughs have recorded: 5 on Package RT-01 by Afcons, 4 on RT-02 by L&T, 5 on RT-03 by L&T, and 4 on RT-04 by ITD Cementation.

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  1. Abhi Zatte says:

    This was longest tunneling drive of Phase 2. Congratulations to all involved

  2. Sriharsha says:

    If the tunneling work is ahead of schedule why not start the track laying work in these places. Why wait till the very end to start other work. We may be able to see this ahead of schedule.


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