Gawar Conducts Mumbai Metro Line 12’s Pile Load Tests in Dombivli

Gawar Constructions Ltd. (GCL) last week performed an initial pile load test for Mumbai Metro’s Line-12 (Orange Line) which will connect Kalyan – Dombivali – Amandoot (Taloja) via elevated 19 stations.

Mumbai’s Line-12 by Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) will be built as a 22.17 km long southern extension of the partially under construction 23.53 km Line-5 (Thane – Bhiwandi – Kalyan).

This test at Dombivli Station’s site, with a pile driven to a depth of 7.79m, was performed to find the ultimate load the pile foundation can bear when loaded. Results from it will be used to validate the safe pile capacity considered for supporting the line’s superstructure.

During pile load tests, engineers typically transfer load to the pile using capacity jacks in small increments and maintain it for about two hours. During this time the settlement of the pile is measured every 15 minutes using dial gauges on the surface of the pile.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) had awarded Line-12’s Rs. 1971.77 crore construction contract to Gawar Constructions in March 2024. It’s work under Package CA-240 comes with a tight 30 month construction deadline.

Besides a 22.17 km viaduct from chainage -860.224 m to +21316.022 m and a 1.39 km depot-line, Gawar will be constructing 19 elevated stations at Kalyan, APMC Kalyan, Ganesh Nagar, Pisavali Gaon, Golavli, Dombivli MIDC, Sagaon, Sonarpada, Manpada, Hedutane, Kolegaon, Nilje Gaon, Vadavli (khu), Bale, Waklan, Turbhe, Pisarve Depot, Pisarve and Amandoot.

Indicative alignment of Mumbai Metro’s Line-12 (Kalyan – Dombivli MIDC – Nilje Gaon – Waklan – Taloja) – view Mumbai Metro Orange Line information

It’s only a matter of days now for piling work to begin, if it hasn’t already at a different site. When that happens, 22.17 km long Package CA-240 for Line-12’s construction will be the longest EPC package in India’s metro construction history. The current longest is Bangalore Metro Phase 2B’s 15 km Package 3 which is under construction by NCC.

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5 Responses to "Gawar Conducts Mumbai Metro Line 12’s Pile Load Tests in Dombivli"

  1. vivaan k says:

    Do you think, given the current progress, that L12 can meet its deadline of 2027? All the other MMR lines are moving so slowly, but I have hope in the pace seen. Hopefully, once L3, L2B and L4 are completed, we’ll finally see progress on other lines like L13, L14, and L11 (and maybe even more lines).

    • TMRG says:

      Hi, 2027 opening seems impossible. I’d be surprised if even Line-5 opens up by then as its rolling stock manufacturer still has to be finalized (bidding is underway).

      Construction has just started, let’s see what challenges show up. I’d be curious to see who ends up funding the systems component and when MMRDA invites bids for procurement.

  2. Shane Sunil says:

    Here’s the thing – Line 12 is basically useless until Bhiwandi – Kalyan stretch of Line 5 is completed. If Line 12 is completed before Line 5, it will provide connectivity only towards Navi Mumbai side, not Mumbai at all. Also, could you please update the map showcasing Line 12 alignment? The one currently on this site shows via Katai Naka and Nilje Gaon, whereas the finalized alignment is the line diverts near Runwal after Premier Colony bus stop.


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