CMRS Begins Inspections on Hyderabad Metro’s SRN – M’guda Stretch

Yesterday, L&T Metro Rail (Hyderabad) Limited announced the start of the final statutory inspections by the Commissioner of Metro Rail Safety (CMRS) on Line-1 and Line-3’s 10.55 km SR Nagar – Ameerpet – Mettuguda stretch in the run up to the system’s inauguration on November 28.

As per their press release, Ram Kripal – the CMRS from the Indian Railways’ South-Central Circle and his team of 3 other officials will inspect the civil works, permanent-way, rail overbridges, viaduct, stations, electrical, signalling and train control, telecommunication, rolling stock and other railway systems so as to ensure passenger safety during commercial operations.

This section consists of 2 lines which meet at the massive Ameerpet Interchange Station (see recent images) –

Line-1 – SR Nagar – Ameerpet (750 m)
Note – Line-1’s Miyapur – SR Nagar stretch (approx 12 km) was inspected and approved in October 2016. L&T apparently extended testing to Ameerpet this past week.

Line-3 – Mettuguda – Ameerpet (9.80 km) with stations at Secunderabad East, Parade Grounds, Paradise, Rasoolpura, Prakash Nagar, Begumpet.
Note – Line-3’s Nagole – Mettuguda stretch (approx 8 km) was inspected and approved in March 2016. L&T extended testing to Begumpet in mid-October 2017 and then to Ameerpet in early November.

SR Nagar – Ameerpet – Mettuguda section – view Hyderabad Metro map & information

Some images –

Banner at Mettuguda Station

Departing Mettuguda

Oliphant Steel Bridge (see pics) section

L&T hasn’t disclosed the inspection’s day to day agenda or even the total duration of inspections, but they’re likely to last for 3 days given the scope of route involved. I’ll add those details here whenever known.

Update – The inspection took place over 3 days from November 17-19.

For more updates, check out the Hyderabad section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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3 Responses to "CMRS Begins Inspections on Hyderabad Metro’s SRN – M’guda Stretch"

  1. SHIV says:

    this is unbelievable,,, after 15 dayz trial run,,, CMRS inspection has started,,, If construction and approval starts happening in India like this,, we ll cross china soon,, So dissapointed with DMRC that after starting trial runs in June 2016, CMRS inspection is being done parallel to Hyderabad Inspection,, Even after delhi is choking due to pollution, it wont be fun for DMRC/Kejri Ji to start Magenta line and end miseries/suffering of common man.

    • Dhruv says:

      In reality, most of the lines and the rolling stock had received clearance last year itself. L&T and the TS govt felt it wouldn’t make financial sense to open it until the interchange at Ameerpet was complete and certified. The certification for this stretch is anticipated, but in spite of the expected inauguration next week, the date of commencement of service has not been announced yet.


    The top picture inespection of the turnout the space between the rails&walkway is higher because of the interchange probably!


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