L&T Only Bidder for Chennai Metro’s CMBT – Puzhuthivakkam Section

Larsen & Toubro is the only bidder for the construction of Chennai Metro Line-5’s 12.431 km elevated CMBT – Puzhuthivakkam section after Chennai Metro Rail Ltd. (CMRL) today opened technical bids for Package C5-ECV-02.

This elevated section’s viaduct and 12 sections are right in the middle of the 47 km Line-5 which will connect Madhavaram – Sholinganallur through 48 stations in the 118.9 km Chennai Metro Phase 2 project. It consists of 2 disjointed sections on either side of the double-decker Package C4-ECV-01 (Power House – Porur) which was awarded to Larsen & Toubro in May 2021.

The two sections and other infrastructure within this package include:

  1. CMBT to Alwartiru Nagar (approx. 3.2 km) with 3 stations at Grain Market, Sai Nagar Bus Stop and Elango Nagar Bus Stop
  2. Porur Junction to Puzhuthivakkam (approx. 9 km) with 9 stations at Mugalivakkam, DLF IT SEZ, Sathya Nagar, CTC, Butt Road, Alandur, Adambakkam, Vanuvampet and Puzhuthivakkam
  3. Integrated grade separator (flyover) from Mugalivakkam to MIOT Hospital (approx. 2.5 km double decker viaduct for vehicles and metro trains, like the local one at Vadapalani or the one that opened in Nagpur late last year).
  4. Underpass at Vanuvampet

CMRL invited tenders for its construction in January 2021 with an undisclosed estimate and 36 month deadline.


Brief Scope: Construction of Elevated Viaduct of Approx. 12.431 km length from ((Ch: 16178 m to 19296 m, Ch:22962 m to 30199 m, Ch: 31178m to 31241 m & Ch: 31657 m to 33710 m)) between CMBT Metro station (excluding station) and Puzhuthivakkam Metro Station including special spans and Construction of 12 no. of Elevated Stations at Grain Market, Sai Nagar Bus Stop, Elango Nagar Bus Stop, Mugalivakkam, DLF IT SEZ, Sathya Nagar, CTC, BUTT Road, Alandur, Adambakkam, Vanuvampet and Puzhuthivakkam and Integrated highway grade separator from Mugalivakkam to MIOT Hospital ,Vehicular underpass at Vanuvampet and all associated works in Corridor-5 of Chennai Metro Rail Project- Phase-2

CMRL’s official Phase 2 map with my edits showcasing this package’s two sections between CMBT – Puzhuthivakkam – view Phase 2 info & route map

This section of Line-5 will be partly financed by the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) through a $438.75 million (approx. Rs. 3266 crore) loan. The loan’s concept review was approved on April 7, 2020, and a formal appraisal decision is currently pending.

If CMRL and AIIB are not satisfied with 1 bid, then this package will head to a retender. If they are, then L&T’s bid will be sent for technical evaluation which can take a month or so to complete. If L&T qualifies, which they easily should, then their financial bid will be opened to see if their bid is within a certain range of the budgeted estimate for a contract to be awarded.

With today’s development, here’s a status of all civil packages on Line-5 (north to south):

Package CP10-EV-03 – 10.2 km viaduct, 11 elevated stations and 1 underground station between CMBT and Venugopal NagarBids Invited in February – Bid Opening: July 16
Package UG6 – 5.8 km underground section with 5 stations from Kolathur and NathamuniBids Invited in January – Bid Opening: July 31
Package C5-ECV-02 – 12.431 km elevated section from CMBT to Alwartiru Nagar and from Porur Junction to Puzhuthivakkam with 12 stationsLarsen & Toubro is the only bidder (this post!)
Line-4 & 5: Package C4-ECV-01 – 7.955 km elevated section from Power House to Porur Junction with 9 stationsAwarded to Larsen & Toubro
Package C5-ECV-03 – 11.61 km elevated section with 11 stations from Puzhuthivakkam to SholinganallurTechnical Bid Evaluation Underway – 3 Bids Received in June

A list of all Phase 2 civil packages and their status can be viewed here.

For more updates, check out the Chennai section or my Home Page!


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25 Responses to "L&T Only Bidder for Chennai Metro’s CMBT – Puzhuthivakkam Section"

  1. NISANTH says:

    Shocking !!
    Just 1 bidder?

    Whats the matter with the companies hesitant to participate in bidding for chennai metro.
    There wer only 3 r 4 companies which wer bidding for the packages all along.. and now not even those.. really perplexed.. eventhough it wud be great if L&T gets a major chunk of the contarcts….
    Something is really suscpiscuous as to why there are no takers for such a big ticket project..! CMRL to blame ?!

    • Nisanth says:

      TMRG , Please clarify and do provide insights if any.. Any insider information from reliable sources ?

      • TMRG says:

        No idea why others sat out, but definitely had to do with complexity in scope and no money (ROI) being made after calculations

  2. Nisanth says:

    A fact to note is that L&T CONSTRUCTIONS INDIA
    is headquartered in chennai and incidentally the stretch covered in this package is where l&t office comes.. near the DLF IT SEZ station.. so i am pretty sure out of all the packages l&t would want this to be theirs.. a matter of significance for them.. .also might be the reason they r the only one interested in this package

  3. Dd says:

    See just l&t will participate mostly all package
    Winning bid is another game

  4. Tanushree says:

    L&T will take all work

  5. Samuel Abisheik says:

    Hopefully l&t constructs the majority of the corridors soon enough!

  6. Samuel Abisheik says:

    Hey tmrg! What about the st Thomas mount station? Also from alandur are they constructing new viaduct connecting existing st Thomas station or they will join with the existing viaduct. Also will the metro viaduct tower over adambakam mrts?

    • Nisanth says:

      The phase 1 mrts station which is in use right now will be converted to phase to line 5 station.. as per the tender document.. so the yet to be constructed line 5 corridor will merge with already existting line 2 from alandur to st Thomas mount.. and hereafter once the merging is done..st thomas mount station wont be used in line 2.. alandur will be the end of line 2. Green line

      As far as adambakkam station is considered.. yes as per the design documents… the new line will be towering above the existing adambakkam mrts .. near adambakkam lake


    Any update on DMRC pink line missing link.
    When it will open.

  8. Balasubramanian says:

    Can I have some details about the specifications for the proposed vehicular underpass at Vanuvampet. The road is very narrow and they couldn’t complete the road widening work there.

  9. Kundankumar says:

    Ham worker de sakte hain usmein Mera Kya Commission Banega message kijiye

  10. Prakash says:

    Sir if any station come in ambathur. Or Ayambakam sir….Any metro work in ambathur…

    • Samuel Abisheik says:

      Not any sooner. But if phase 3 exists, then surely metro will be extended to avadi via ambatur and thirumangalam!


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