Nagpur Metro’s Double Decker Viaduct Inaugurated

On Friday, India’s Minister for Road Transport & Highways inaugurated Nagpur’s 3.14 km double-decker flyover on Wardha Road to carry vehicles on the first level and Nagpur Metro’s Orange Line on the second level.

This is the first of three double-decker viaducts planned in Nagpur Metro’s Phase 1 project. The other two are under construction at Gaddigodam (4.375 km) on Kamptee Road also for the Orange Line and at Prajapati Nagar (1 km) on Bhandara Road for the Aqua Line.

The design of this structure on Wardha Road – spanning between Sonegaon Police Station and Ajni Square was finalized in September 2015 after which the NMRCL revealed a model to the public.

To facilitate its construction, NCC and Matte Associates in November 2016 demolished a 15 year old flyover at Chatrapati Chowk in an operation that lasted 8 days. The first segment was launched in September 2017 and the first cantilever wing, to carry vehicular lanes, in March 2018.

The Orange Line’s first 13 km section connecting Khapri – Sitabuldi was inaugurated on March 8, 2019, and the station at Ajni Chowk just opened up on October 22. The three, extremely high, stations located within this section are located at Ujwal Nagar, Jayaprakash Nagar and Chhatrapati Square.

Black lines demarcate the double-decker viaduct’s terminals – view Nagpur Metro information & route map
Photo Copyright: LimpMusician2069
View from one of the stations – Photo Copyright: Jung2019
Photo Copyright: Aniruddha Chowdhury

Some nice videos on YouTube:

Similar structures already exist in varying lengths in Jaipur, Kochi & Chennai, and are being built in Bengaluru (Jayadeva Hospital Intersection), Delhi (Mehrauli – Badarpur Road, Wazirabad Road), Pune (Nalstop Chowk, Ganeshkhind Road) and Mumbai (Mira Bhayandar).

Besides this, the Manish Nagar ROB – which connects up to this double decker viaduct – was also inaugurated. A bowstring bridge for that over the Central Railways’ line was pushed into place back in September – see details and images.

For more updates, check out the Nagpur section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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10 Responses to "Nagpur Metro’s Double Decker Viaduct Inaugurated"

  1. Kanishka says:

    Modi laid the foundation stone for the project in Sept-2014, prior to Maharashtra assembly election – with a targeted completion in 4-5years. 6 years down the line, the project is still a work in progress!

    When will the entire project be commissioned? What are the reasons for delay? Was it technically too challenging?

    • TMRG says:

      Expecting the entire Phase 1 to be commissioned only in or after Q4 2022.

      Like other metro projects, there was a big gap in the bidding process for each “reach” with design & approval (NHAI/IR) challenges thrown in, so that’s why each reach is opening at different times despite the network being all elevated. Standard stuff, nothing too outlandish.

      Recently there was a collapse on Reach 2’s viaduct in north Nagpur. I saw a snap but not authorized to share it. Luckily no one was injured.

      I know MahaMetro is super motivated, but laziness from within and outside (contractors) must have crept in causing delays.

      • Roshan Mohod says:

        Whenever I travel by this double-decker viaduct, I see many heavy vehicles running at high speeds without being stopped by the traffic police. As we all know that flyovers are not built to take the pressure of heavy vehicles and that it can reduce the life of the bridge. Moreover, this bridge is an easy way for the trucks and buses to bypass the heavy traffic that is usually seen from Sonegaon Police Station to Ajni.

        One more concern that I have is of the speed limit. Although the prescribed speed limit for the bridge is 50km/hr, there seems to be no deterrence to the commuters.

        1) Was there any provision for a height barrier at starting points of the bridge to restrict the entry of heavy vehicles? If not so, did the concerned authorities paid attention to this issue as we see this is very evident?

        2) What does the traffic police plan to reduce the speed of the cars on the bridge? Will they install speed cameras over the bridge?

  2. Kanishka says:

    Isn’t a portion of Delhi Metro U/C Pink Line Mukundpur – Maujpur Section also double decker?

  3. Sanjeev B says:

    Any idea why Nagpur Metro has installed those tubular arches over the whole network? This is unusual – I haven’t seen this in Delhi or Mumbai.

    • TMRG says:

      It’s for their overhead electrification (OHE) system. It’s a newish design. Pune will also get it.

  4. Sanjeev B says:

    Thanks. I’m from Pune and am seeing these arches going up. I first thought they were for lighting. They look a little flimsy, almost a potential hazard.

    Isn’t it better to have track-embedded power instead of this old design that is susceptible to wind and rain?


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