[Pics] Tour of Lucknow Metro’s Transport Nagar Depot

With the 1st Alstom train arriving in Lucknow on November 19  and officially commencing trial runs on December 1, I think it’s an excellent time to showcase its new home where the 22.9 km north-south line‘s 20 train fleet will spend their nights to get cleaned & maintained for running uninterrupted services throughout the year.

Lucknow’s Transport Nagar Depot has been built on a 46.5 acre land parcel that previously housed the 32nd battalion of Uttar Pradesh’s Provincial Armed Constabulary (PAC). The foundation stone for the depot was laid by the state’s Chief Minister in March 2014 just weeks before the 2014’s 16th Lok Sabha Election, and construction work by Sam (India) Built Well Pvt. Ltd started soon after. One of the very first posts I wrote on the depot, when work on the pre-engineered steel framework of one of the sheds was just being setup in October 2015, can be seen here.  A follow up post with nice close-up images shot in November 2015 can be seen here.

The 3 pre-engineered structures within the depot were built by Richa Industries on a subcontract from Sam (India) Built Well Pvt. Ltd, and includes an Inspection Bay Line (IBL) & Workshop Shed Line (WSL), Stabling Shed Line (SBL) and an Interior Cleaning, Pit Wheel & Lathe Shed. The 1st set of tracks arrived at the depot in early January 2016 and LMRCL’s contractor laid the first pair of 13m tracks soon after.

Recent Satellite Imagery:


Location of the Transport Nagar Depot – view Lucknow Metro info & map


Entrance to the depot – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Inspection lines – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Emergency tow vehicle that can run on tracks – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

LMRCL official giving a tour of smaller equipment – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Bicycles for employees! – Photo Copyright: UttarPradesh.org

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Stabling Shed – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Operations Control Centre – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Photo Copyright: Newstrack

View from on top of the Workshop Shed – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

Ramp leading out of the depot – Photo Copyright: Newstrack

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For more updates, check out the Lucknow section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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7 Responses to "[Pics] Tour of Lucknow Metro’s Transport Nagar Depot"

  1. Aishwarye says:

    Amazing facilities!

  2. Aditya says:

    Hey TMRG, i know its not significant but do u have any update regarding extension of yellow line from badli to sirsapur and the new depot that is coming up there.

    • TMRG says:

      Everything related to the metro is significant for me 🙂

      Construction work has started for the Badli Depot under 2 contracts – you can also see earth leveling works on google maps
      • CONTRACT CC-63: Design and construction of a 415m elevated viaduct connecting Badli Depot – awarded to Arvind Techno Engineers
      • CONTRACT CC-93: Civil Works for Construction of Badli Depot cum workshop buildings, elevated ramp etc. – awarded to JRC Grid Engineers

      The depot’s design can be viewed in the Social Impact Assessment report.

      DMRC hasn’t yet invited bids for the Siraspur station. Hopefully soon!

  3. S Manikantan says:

    Fantastic. Lucknow is the fastest (going) to get metro rail. Great. Our National Training College is there in LDA Colony. Congrats LKO-vaasiyaan. Who said N’India is backward and corrupt, when it comes to implementing projects?

    Mr. Sreedharan was in the same flight to LKO from Delhi that I was travelling, some 2-3 years ago for getting approval/signing agreement from Akhilesh Govt the next day for this route.

    I wanted to take a snap with him in IGI Airport in New Delhi but somehow could not manage.

    • TMRG says:

      Cool anecdote – the Metro Man’s advisory work takes him everywhere! Recently I posted his travels on Twitter – one day in Kochi, the other day in Lucknow and the next day in Mumbai.

  4. Saqib says:

    Nice to see all this. can you please update Kanpur Metro section as I want to know what is going there


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