Mumbai Metro Line-3 – February 2018 Tunneling Update

With construction work picking up pace on Mumbai Metro’s new 33.5 km Line-3 (Cuffe Parade – Aarey Colony), here’s a consolidated update on the line’s tunneling progress highlighting key developments that took place over the past 2 months.

Going forward, I plan to publish a similar post at the beginning of every month which will hopefully answer a lot of questions and make the project’s progress clearer. Since March 1 is right around the corner, the next edition will be published on April 1 or sometime in its first week. In case you’re unaware of Mumbai’s neighborhoods or need a map to help visualize what goes where, then you can refer to the Mumbai Metro Info Page & Map.

MMRCL’s 5 contractors plan to deploy a total of 17 TBMs across the line’s 7 civil packages. In December 2017, they decided to personalize and name their TBMs after local rivers in Maharashtra – Surya, Vaitarna, Tansa, Krishna, Godavari, Tapi and Wainganga to “create a sense of belonging”. For instance, Package UGC-04’s 3 TBMs have been named Krishna-1, Krishna-2 and Krishna-3.

Pali Ground – CSIA T2 tunnel – Photo Copyright: MMRCL

As of the morning of February 21 –

• 5 TBMs have been commissioned (T-59 ‘Vaitarna-2’ will be commissioned today at Azad Maidan)
• 2 TBMs have been lowered into their respective shafts (T-59 ‘Vaitarna-2’ and T-60 ‘Godavari-2’)
• 13 TBMs have passed factory acceptance tests (1 Terratec and 3 Robbins machines are pending)
• 11 TBMs have arrived in the city’s port from China & Singapore (2 refurbished TBMs which completed FAT in July 2017 are yet to arrive from Delhi)

Tunneling Progress

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Pkg TBM Origin Destination Progress Notes
02 T-58 (Vaitarna-1) Azad Maidan Mumbai Central 102/3817m As of Feb 16
04 S-1073 (Krishna-1) Nayanagar Shaft Dadar 128/2484m As of Feb 19
04 S-1074 (Krishna-2) Nayanagar Shaft Dadar 122/2484m As of Feb 19
06 T-61 (Godavari-1) Vidyanagari Sahar Road 40/4687m As of Feb 10
07 T-206 (Wainganga-1) Pali Ground Shaft CSIA T2 90/1296m As of Feb 2

Package UGC-01

Scope: Cuffe Parade to CST with 4 stations at Cuffe Parade, Vidhan Bhavan, Churchgate & Hutatma Chowk
Contractor: Larsen & Toubro – Shanghai Tunnel Engg. Co. (L&T – STEC) JV

The Robbins Company was contracted to supply two Crossover TBMs, but none of them have yet passed factory acceptance tests (FAT) – a major cause for concern.

Package UGC-02

Scope: CST to Mumbai Central with 4 stations at CST, Kalbadevi, Girgaon & Grant Road
Contractor: Hindustan Construction Co. – OSJC Moscow Metrostroy (HCC – MMS) JV

TBM T-58 (Vaitarna-1) – After getting commissioned on November 28,  this Terratec machine on February 15 became the 1st TBM to begin its main-drive from Azad Maidan towards Kalbadevi.

CST Station’s site at Azad Maidan – Photo Copyright: MMRCL

T-58’s back-up gantry – Photo Copyright: MMRCL

• TBM T-59 (Vaitarna-2) – This Terratec TBM passed FAT in October 2017, arrived in the city in December, and was lowered into the Azad Maidan Shaft on January 7. HCC-MMS plans to commission this TBM today – stay tuned for a post!

Package UGC-03

Scope: Mumbai Central – Worli with 5 stations at Mumbai Central, Mahalaxmi, Science Museum, Acharya Atra Chowk & Worli
Contractor:  Soma Enterprise – Dogus Insaat-ve-Ticaret A.S (Soma – Dogus) JV

The Robbins Company was contracted to supply 2 Robbins NFM Slurry TBMs. Out of them, only one has passed factory acceptance tests (FAT) so far.

• TBM 1238 (Tansa-1) – this TBM passed FAT in September 2017 and arrived in the city on February 12.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Package UGC-04

Scope: Worli – Dharavi with 3 stations at Siddhivinayak, Dadar & Shitladevi
Contractor: Continental Engineering Co. –  ITD Cementation India – Tata Project Ltd. (CEC – ITD Cem – TPL) JV

TBM S-1073 (Krishna-1) – this Herrenknecht TBM was commissioned on November 6 2017 and has built 86 rings as part of its initial drive for the up-line tunnel. It’s currently being assembled for its main drive towards Shitladevi Station and is expected to restart tunneling in the last week of February.

Photo Copyright: Ranadeb Chatterjee

TBM S-1074 (Krishna-2) – this Herrenknecht TBM was commissioned on December 3 2017 and has built 81 rings as part of its initial drive for the down-line tunnel. It’s currently being assembled for its main drive towards Shitladevi and is expected to restart tunneling in March.

• TBM S-1075 (Krishna-3) – this Herrenknecht TBM passed FAT in October 2017 and arrived in the city on February 18. It’ll first be deployed at Siddhivinayak Station’s southern end for building the up-line tunnel towards Worli.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Siddhivinayak Station – Photo Copyright: Rohan Vaidya

Package UGC-05/06

Scope: Dharavi – CSIA T2 with 7 stations at Dharavi, BKC, Vidyanagari, Santa Cruz, CSIA T1, Sahar Road and CSIA T2
Contractor:  J Kumar Infraprojects – China Railway No. 3 Engineering Group (J Kumar – CREG) JV

TBM T-61 (Godavari-1) – this Terratec TBM was lowered into the Vidyanagari Station’s northern end in December 2017 and commissioned on January 19 2018 towards Santa Cruz for its initial drive

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: Shwetab Kumar

TBM T-60 (Godavari-2) – this Terratec TBM passed FAT in August 2017 and arrived in the city in October. The contractor began lowering its parts into the Vidyanagari Shaft in January. This TBM is likely to be commissioned by the end of this month or early next month.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Package UGC-07

Scope: CSIA T2 – Sariput Nagar Ramp with 3 stations at Marol Naka, MIDC & SEEPZ
Contractor: Larsen & Toubro – Shanghai Tunnel Engg. Co. (L&T – STEC) JV

TBM T-206 (Wainganga-1) – Parts of this refurbished STEC TBM were lowered into the Pali Ground Shaft in December 2017. Post assembly, the TBM was commissioned for its initial drive towards CSIA T2 on January 8.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

TBM D-213 (Wainganga-2) – this refurbished STEC TBM passed factory acceptance tests in August 2017 and arrived in the city on February 8. In the coming months, it’ll be commissioned from the Sariput Nagar Ramp’s shaft towards SEEPZ Station.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

TBM D-215 (Wainganga-3) – this new STEC TBM passed factory acceptance tests in November 2017 and arrived in the city on February 14. In the coming months, it’ll commissioned from the Pali Ground Shaft towards CSIA T2 Station.

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

Photo Copyright: MMRCL

On the systems side of things, technical bid evaluation is ongoing for the tunnel ventilation system (TVS), environmental control system (EVS), elevators and lifts, signalling and telecom systems. Bids for the rolling stock and automatic fare collection (AFC) system are planned to be opened in March 2018, while two contracts for the line’s traction & SCADA system will soon be awarded after JICA’s approval.

For more updates, check out the Mumbai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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    The format wherein you have compiled the progress so far is good. What i would recommend that you should add two more columns. One for the geology , i.e Basalt or Bercia and in second column date of TBM launch and if possible Commencement of final drive.

    This will help the industry engineers and estimators to understand the average productivity vis a vis TBM type and Geology.


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    Once again, great job.

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    While reading the post one realises that Robbins TBMs (3 in Nos) deployed at Section 1 – 2nos and Section 3 -1 No are still not passed the FAT.

    From the time taken by other TBMs from FAT to Final tunnelling drive ranges between 6 to 7 months.
    If not controlled right now this delay will surely put the entire project in to Delay mode.

    As it is the section 1 is riddled with legal cases foisted by Cuffe Parade Residents and Heritage building owners to add to it this avoidable delay by contractor L& T and Soma in getting TBMS on site is really causing concerns.

    Any updTe when realistically these TBMs will start their Final Tunnelling run ?

    S. V. Phene

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