3 Bidders for Chennai Metro Phase 2’s 78 Coach Contract

Alstom Transport, BEML and Titagarh Wagons have again submitted bids to supply 78 coaches for Chennai Metro Line-4’s Rolling Stock package after Chennai Metro Rail Ltd (CMRL) today opened technical bids.

26 3-car trains on this line of the 118.9 km Phase 2 project will service Poonamallee Bypass – Light House through 28 (18 elevated & 10 underground) stations, and be stabled & maintained at Poonamallee Depot in western Chennai.

CMRL originally invited tenders for this rolling stock package in December 2020 with an unknown estimate and contract duration of 1340 days + 730 days (Defect Notification Period). After receiving 3 bids in September, the tendering process was abruptly cancelled in November due to “administrative reasons”, and bids were re-invited.

Package: Phase – II / ARE03A

Brief Scope: Design, manufacture, supply, testing, commissioning of standard gauge metro rolling stock (electrical multiple units) and training of personnel for Chennai Metro Project Phase II

One of Alstom’s 52 Metropolis train-sets on Chennai’s Phase 1 lines – Photo Copyright: Indian Express

CMRL plans to run these trains in a DMC + TC + DMC configuration with the ability to operate at Grade of Automation level-4 for “driverless” Unattended Train Operations (UTO).

The 3 bids have now been sent for technical evaluation which can take a couple months to complete. When that is done, the financial bids of the technically qualified bidders will be opened to reveal who’s the lowest bidder and most likely supplier.

For Phase 2’s 3 corridors, CMRL in the past has revealed they are looking procure 288 coaches and wet-lease 126 coaches to run services. Here’s a status table for all 3 rolling stock packages:

LineCoaches to be ProcuredCoaches to be Leased
Line-3 & Line-5210 (Package ARE02 – Bids to be opened March 16)126 (Package ARE04) – Cancelled
Line-478 (Package ARE03) – 3 bids received todaynone

A list of all Chennai Metro Phase 2 tenders (civil, systems) and their status can be viewed here.

For more updates, check out the Chennai section of The Metro Rail Guy!


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19 Responses to "3 Bidders for Chennai Metro Phase 2’s 78 Coach Contract"

  1. Prarabdh says:

    Good to see CRRC not in the list

  2. The Indian Railway Guy says:

    BEML, Titagarh and Alstom? All great choices tbh. Thankfully no CRRC nonsense.

    • The Indian Railway Guy says:

      Also @TMRG, has BMRCL’s issue with CRRC been resolved? Do you think the trainsets will eventually just be procured from China (so the line can open on time) or will the rolling stock tender be floated again (delaying operations further)?

  3. Xx says:

    Since it is JICA tied loan
    More chance that BEML and subcontract propulsion and TCMS to Japanese company such Hitachi or most likely to Mitsubishi Electric company. Already seen for DMRC rs and siblings
    Titagarh wagons has no 25kv proven design in India .Pune l1 is 750v de
    Alstom has also good chance with 2 plants
    One in Vadodara Savli ex bombardier and other one in Chennai
    Alstom already supplied 52×4 cars for phase I
    Will see but to be share with DMRC RS17 288 cars procurement in progress

  4. Sam says:

    Since cmrl is procuring coaches separately for orange line and other two lines (red and purple), will the design of coaches also be separate. What if Alstom becomes supplier for orange line and titagarh for other two lines?? Won’t the design of coaches vary??

  5. furiosa says:

    TMRG, Any idea on the reason for cancellation in the first place, given that the same vendors have participated now.

    • Nisanth says:

      they had to cancel the tenders because the depot works wer yet 2 start.. and now since the construction of depot started.. they reinvited bids again..so as to make sure they have place to station trainsets when they start 2 arrive..

    • TMRG says:

      Must have been a major change in technical scope

      • furiosa says:

        Replying late but wonder what that could be given major technical details like signalling (ATO), dimensions, propulsion systems are predefined and more or less standardized by now.

        Also, any word on the pending UG contracts? Given their geographical locations within the network, even the elevated portions of line 3 and 5 cannot be operated without the completion of these UG sections.

        • TMRG says:

          Tech bids for UG contracts are currently scheduled to open between April 13 – May 5. We’ve lost 1 good year on this.


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